New Public Safety Training Academy


8751 Snouffer School Road
Gaithersburg, MD 20879

Construction Project Contact

Hamid Omidvar, AIA Chief, Division of Building Design and Construction


Project completed in 2016.

Innovation Features

Multi-Agency Service Park Campus-wide Innovations:

  • Shared mechanical and electrical central plant
  • Shared fueling facility
  • Innovative stormwater management devices

Project-specific Innovations:

  • All fiber optic communication system
  • Water reclamation system
  • Environmentally sensitive design to lessen community noise impacts


The Public Safety Training Academy (PSTA) is the primary training facility for the Montgomery County Police Department and Fire and Rescue Services. The current PSTA, located on Great Seneca Highway, opened 40 years ago to serve the needs of Montgomery County’s public safety agencies. The facility is one of the most active public safety training facilities in the region, reflecting the growth of public safety infrastructure as the County itself, has grown. This has had an impact on the PTSA, which now has severe space limitations and is in need of significant capital improvements.

Additionally, the area surrounding the current PSTA has changed significantly since PSTA opened, transforming from a largely agricultural setting to one with a variety of office, research and development, retail and other commercial buildings, as well as thousands of residences. This context coupled with the antiquated and aging nature of the current facility led to the conclusion that a new, modernized PSTA would be built in a more suitable location to best meet multiple public needs.

The project includes an academic building, a paramedics training facility, a simulation area, an indoor firing range, a canine facility, a fire safety training building, and driver training simulation, skills pad and training track.

The project is slated to achieve LEED Silver and Gold certification for its multiple buildings.

More Information

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