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Montgomery County Consolidated
Retiree Health Benefits Trust


About the Board of Trustees - Legal Mandate

The Montgomery County Code (sections 33-158 through 33-168) establishes the Board of Trustees.  The Code describes the powers and duties of the Board which is the basis on which Board decisions are made and is the foundation of the Board's mission statement.

Sections 33-158 through 33-169 describe the following:

Section Section Description
33-158 Definitions.
33-159 Establishment of Trust.
33-160 Board of Trustees.
33-161 Contributions and payments.
33-162 Trust Fund management.
33-163 Board duties and responsibilities..
33-164 Custodian.
33-165 Indemnification of Board Members.
33-166 Amendment and Termination.  
33-167 Participating Agencies.
33-168 Protection from Creditors.
33-169 County-Funded Agency Participation.