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Montgomery County Consolidated
Retiree Health Benefits Trust


About the Board of Trustees - People

The Board is comprised of thirteen trustees as shown below. All Board members are appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by the County Council.

Philip McGaughey  Montgomery County Public Schools Bargaining Unit Designee
Kelda J.C. Simpson , Chair Police Bargaining Unit Designee
Joseph F. Beach Public Representative
Gino Renne OPT/SLT Bargaining Unit Designee
Alexandre A. Espinosa Montgomery County Director of Finance, Ex-Officio Member
Brad Stelzer Montgomery County Council Representative
Jeffrey Buddle Fire & Rescue Bargaining Unit Designee
Marlene Michaelson Montgomery County Council Administrator, Ex-Officio Member
Jennifer A. Hughes Montgomery County Director of Management and Budget, Ex-Officio Member
George Willie Public Representative
David J. Locke Montgomery County Council Representative
Lynda Von Bargen Montgomery College Retired Employees Representative
Deborah Snead Retired Employees Representative
Robert Doody Montgomery County Public Schools Retired Employees Representative
Marisa N. Grant , Secretary Montgomery County Public Schools Superintendent Representative
Elizabeth W. Greaney , Vice-Chair Montgomery College President Representative
Diane Wurdeman Non-Bargaining Unit Representative
Shawn Stokes Montgomery County Director of Human Resources, Ex-Officio Member

The day-to-day management of the Board of Trustees is delegated to the Executive Director, who is recommended by the Board and appointed by the Chief Administrative Officer. The Executive Director acts as an adviser to the Board on all investment-related matters and oversees all Board and investment activities.

The Board's General Counsel represents the Board on tax and fiduciary matters.