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Department of General Services, Office of Special Projects

This office is responsible for planning, design and construction of special projects assigned by the Director of DGS or the County Executive. OSP is tasked to address development issues such as: site acquisition, disposal of surplus sites, site selection, land use decisions, master planning, leased facilities relocation, leased facilities consolidation, design, construction and other related activities. OSP is generally responsible for the County’s strategic objectives with regards to special programs, including leveraging land value and encouraging transit-oriented development.

Major Programs

Smart Growth Initiative

Picture of Smart Growth InitiativeThe County Executive has several long-range important strategic objectives. A study was performed expressly to examine the feasibility of moving and expanding existing uses to different facilities from a macroperspective that would provide the County with better long-term solutions for public facility needs. Please see the following for more information:


Government Core Facilities

Picture of Government Core Facilities
This program includes study and analysis of the existing County-owned buildings within the Rockville Central Core (RCC) and the current and future staff requirements within the RCC and larger Rockville Core; evaluates benefits of moving staff from existing lease spaces throughout the County into County-owned space within the RCC; and explores the development potential of the existing County-owned land to satisfy the County's future growth needs to the year 2025.