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Education and Community Outreach Office

As a "control jurisdiction" DLC facilitates the alcohol wholesale distribution to over 900 licensed establishments in the county.
Along with the sale and distribution of a controlled substance comes a responsibility to educate and support the establishments served.
The Community Outreach Office consults with and assesses establishments to keep businesses on track.
Helping communities flourish through the promotion of alcohol laws, public awareness and responsible hospitality practices are priorities.

Community Outreach Contacts

Kathie Durbin, Division Chief, Licensure, Regulation and Education

Call 301-670-SAFE (7233) to request information on hosting under 21 alcohol free events or to report an upcoming under 21 alcohol party, event, or provider.
To report a party in progress, call the non-emergency police line at 301-289-8000.

The calendar features important ID checking dates, license renewal dates, regulations, laws, monthly tips for safe service, and programs.
KIS (Keep It Safe) calendar

The Montgomery County Business Alliance is a public collaboration developed with an understanding that community business participation in solving alcohol related issues is not just an advantage but an essential element to achieving sustainability.
Business Alliances meet regularly to arrange Cops in Shops programs and Alcohol Trainings.
Everyone is welcome and participation is free.

Learn more about Cops in Shops and Extra Eyes

Act responsibly when consuming alcoholic beverages!
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