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Retail - Frequently Asked Questions

I’m interested in a product that I don’t see on your shelves. Can you get it for me?
There is a good chance that the product is available for purchase either from another store or as a special order. If another store has it, Liquor Control will gladly transfer it to a location that is convenient. If not, Liquor Control will be glad to research price and availability. Please check with store personnel, who will be able to help.

Do I get any sort of deal if I purchase in bulk?
Yes, Liquor Control offers a case discount of 8% on wine and liquor and you can mix and match. This is on regular priced items only. Sale prices are excluded from this offer. Here is how it works: Liquor Control has assigned a point system to each bottle size and as long as you accumulate 12 points you have a case and are eligible for the discount.

375 ml = ½ point
500 ml = ½ point
750ml = 1 point
1.5L = 2 points
1.75L = 2 points
3L = 3 points
4L = 3 points
5L = 3 points

For example:
If you buy twelve 750ml bottles at the regular price you get the 8% discount.
If you buy two 750 ml bottles; two 1.5L bottles; and three 1.75L bottles you get the 8% discount.

Why can’t I purchase beer and wine in my grocery store?
Maryland State law prohibits this. Four Montgomery County grocery stores sell beer and wine today because they were licensed before the law changed.

How many retail stores do you have and where are they located?
Liquor Control has 25 retail stores located throughout the County. Please check the retail store page for locations, hours and directions.

Why is it difficult for me to find certain items, such as Cristal Champagne or Opus One wine?
Items like these are highly allocated because the demand is far greater than the supply. Montgomery County works very hard and is very successful in getting our fair share of allocated items, but unfortunately there are not always enough to go around. Please check with the store manager, who can check our 25 locations to see if your product is in our system. If it is, we can transfer it to the store of your choice.

What is your return policy?
For money back, please bring your store receipt. Then, if the product is in resalable condition, Liquor Control will be glad to give you a refund by the same method as the original purchase. If you paid with cash, we will send you a check. If you don’t have your receipt and the product is in resalable condition, or if you would prefer, we will exchange the product. (We do not take back items that have been refrigerated).

If you open your product and believe it to be bad, as long as 75% of the product remains in the bottle and have your receipt, Liquor Control will give you a refund by the same method as the original purchase. If you paid by cash, we will send you a check. If you don’t have your receipt or if you prefer, we will exchange the product.

What is your check acceptance policy?
Liquor Control is pleased to take your check as long as your name and address are imprinted on the check and they are not starter checks. We do require a picture ID as well, and reserve the right to verify funds before accepting the check. For your convenience we also take MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

Do all Montgomery Wine and Spirit stores carry the exact same product line?
No. Montgomery Wine and Spirits stores vary in size (from 2,800 square feet to over 7,250 square feet), so it is impossible for every store to have all the same products. In addition, since they are located throughout Montgomery County, the inventory in each store reflects items that are popular in each location. We do have the ability to quickly move items from store to store to accommodate customers, so please ask if you don’t see what you want. In addition, store inventory changes as customers’ tastes change so, by all means, talk to your store manager.

Who do I call to report illegal or irresponsible activity regarding beverage alcohol?
Call the Communication Center 240-777-1900.
If this is an emergency, dial 911.

Act responsibly when consuming alcoholic beverages!
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