Restoring Neighborhood Infrastructure

Since its inception on July 1, 1996, through June 30, 2012, a total of $68 million has been spent in 72 neighborhoods. Renew Montgomery has been successful in addressing the backlog of infrastructure repair needs in matured neighborhoods; coordinating repair activity with other programs within the department; and providing citizens with an opportunity to voice their neighborhood infrastructure concerns.

Although the majority of the work continues to center around the repair of sidewalk, curb, and, gutter, other department activities, such as improved bus stop access and the upgrading of traffic signs, have also been completed. Tree maintenance occurred upon resident request or where it was necessary to cut tree roots or remove trees in conjunction with sidewalk repair. Trees which were removed due to sidewalk construction were replaced with appropriate trees after obtaining input from the affected residents.

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Renew Montgomery is a comprehensive program which coordinates Montgomery Couny's Department of Transportation (MCDOT) services to improve the infrastructure of matured neighborhoods.  The program helps to assure safe and attractive vehicular and pedestrian access to business districts, public facilities, and recreational opportunities.  It also serves to enhance neighborhoods, ensuring a high quality of life.


  • Reduce infrastructure maintenance backlog
  • Provide comprehensive, coordinated, MCDOT services within identified neighborhoods.
  • Empower Neighborhoods
  • Enhance neighborhood environments


  • County and community working together to improve neighborhoods
  • Increased pedestrian accessibility
  • Neighborhood pride
  • Shifting of maintenance priorities from emergency repairs to scheduled preventive maintenance 
  • Improved sidewalks and streets
  • Diminished speeding and cut-through traffic
  • Increased street lighting
  • Better transit access
  • Ongoing communication between County and neighborhoods
  • Informed and visually enhanced community


SIDEWALK, CURB AND GUTTER REPAIR  - Removal and replacement, in kind, those public sidewalks, curbs and gutters which are cracked, raised, exhibit periodic ponding or have missing segments.  This work includes installation of root barriers, as appropriate, to reduce future root damage.

ROADWAY BASE REPAIRS  - Removal and replacemetn of defective road base which allows water penetration and the resulting road failures.  This work is completed prior to sealing/resurfacing roads.

ROAD RESURFACING  - Application of a durable surface with offers improved traction and coloration to road surfaces.

AMERICAN WITH DISABILITIES ACT (ADA) IMPROVEMENTS  - Provision of accessible streets, roads, and walkways for people with disabilities by; (1) installing curb ramps; (2) removing barriers on existing sidewalks, such as signs, poles, and fences which hamper accessibility to wheelchair users; and (3) reconstruction of median breaks and sidewalks to comply with ADA.

SIDEWALKS  - NEW - Construction of sidewalks to encourage greater pedestrian circulation throughout neighborhoods and to provide safe access to schools, transit facilities, parks, and other major pedestrian destinations.  Requests for construction are prompted by members of the community seeking improved pedestrian access.

TRAFFIC CALMING  - Identification of residential streets which require a combination of physical measures mainly, as warranted by engineering standards and supported by the community.  These measures reduce the negative effects of motor vehicle use such as speeding and neighborhood cut-through traffic, alter driver behavior, and improve conditions for pedestrians.

STREET LIGHTING  - At the reqeust of 2/3 majority of effected residents, areas that have substandard lighting are identified.  Street lighting improvements (i.e. upgrade of existing and/or installation of new streetlights) are designed then implemented to achieve lighting levels that meet County standards.

SIGN AND MARKING MAINTENANCE  - Removal, repair or replacement of damaged, vandalized or faded traffic signs and pavement markings.

BUS STOP AMENITIES  - Installation of Ride On bust stop signs, shelters, benches and bust stop access improvements such as connecting sidewalks and waiting pads where needed.  Shelters and benches are installed where Division of Transit Services ridership standards are met.  Currently, those standards are: for shelters, 50 boardings per day; for benches; 15 boardings per day.

TREE MAINTENANCE  - Resolution of priority and requested tree maintenances needs.  Work may include tree and stump removal of appropriate trees, pruning to resolve pending priority citizen requests, adn replacement tree planting.

STORM DRAIN IMPROVEMENTS  - Analysis and design to upgrade substandard existing systems in conjunction with sidewalk, curb and gutter replacement and resurfacing.  Provision of new drainage structures where possible to improve choronic proglems.  Identification of major system improvements for future Capital Projects when warranted.

NEIGHBORHOOD BEAUTIFICATION  - Designation of beautification grants to assist neighborhoods with beautification projects.  Through the Keep Montgomery County Beautiful program, neighborhoods are eligible for a grant of up to $500 to match the community's share of a beautification project. Types of projects can include planting flowers, shrubs, or trees; landscaping a community entranceway; and converting weed fields to grassy areas.


  • Repairs/replacement of sidewalks, curbs and gutters
  • Pave neighborhood streets
  • Implement traffic calming measures
  • Install/improve street lighting
  • Ensure efficient solid waste services
  • Trim tree limbs and foliage

Download a printable summary of the program below:

Renew Montgomery Summary


MCDOT periodically publishes a Progress Report on the program, it contains background information on the program, listing of participating neighborhoods, financial summaries, and maps of designated and still active Renew Montgomery neighborhoods since fiscal year 2003.

2013 Renew Montgomery Brochure