Tree Preservation

Street trees are a vital part of the county’s green infrastructure. If unprotected, trees can be significantly damaged by construction activities in the right-of-way. The Tree Maintenance Section ensures that this damage is minimized or prevented all together. Trees are proactively pruned to ensure the canopies of trees will not be damaged by construction traffic. One of the tree protection measures is to erect fencing around the tree and the associated critical root zone. This prevents damage to tree roots and prevent soil compaction. 

The Tree Maintenance Section creates tree protection plans for Montgomery County Department of Transportation projects. This includes the Division of Traffic Engineering and the Division of Transportation Engineering, and the Division of Highway Services. More information on ongoing or planned projects can be found on their respective websites.
The Montgomery County Roadside Tree Protection Law was legislated to create additional protections for trees in the Montgomery County right-of-way. These changes went into effect March 2014.

If you suspect a violation of the Roadside Tree Law is taking place, you may file a complaint with the County Department of Permitting Services (DPS) online using the link below or by calling the County’s 311 call center by dialing 3-1-1 (inside Montgomery County) or (240) 777-0311 (outside of Montgomery County).

File a Complaint with DPS