TREE REMOVAL           


Roadside Tree Protection Law

Trees are removed for a number of reasons including death of the tree, structural defect, declining health, etc. Requests to remove a tree from the public right of way should be made to the Division of Highway Services. Trees are inspected by County Arborists to determine if the tree should be removed and the priority it should receive. Occasionally, trees that require removal have power lines in close proximity to parts of the tree. In this case, the removal of the tree must be coordinated with the appropriate utility, which can add to the length of time required to affect the removal of the tree. If you feel a tree in the county right-of-way is in need of removal, please request an inspection online using the link below or by calling the County’s 311 call center by dialing 3-1-1 (inside Montgomery County) or (240) 777-0311 (outside of Montgomery County).

Request to Remove County Tree online

Current wait for tree removal: 9-12 months
Upon receipt of a request to remove a tree, an inspection order is generated. Unless an emergency situation is indicated, inspection of the request occurs the next time a County Arborist does routine inspection in the neighborhood. Upon inspection, the work needed, if any, is prioritized based on its severity. Work that has the greatest potential to adversely affect public safety receives the highest priority.

Removal tree stumps generated by tree removals will occur at a later date. See our stump removal page for more information.
Trees will be replanted if the resident requests us to do so. See our tree planting page for more information. 

UPDATED: November 29. 2017