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255 Rockville Pike Garage

Parking is available in the 255 Rockville Pike Garage to employees and visitors. Employees must have a valid permit and visitors must pay to park in the 255 Rockville Pike Garage. The 255 Rockville Pike underground garage is located at 255 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20850.

255 Rockville Pike Garage Entrance255 Rockville Pike Parking Garage Monroe Street Entrance / Exit.

The following County Offices are located in the 255 Rockville Pike Building above the parking garage.
Permitting Services – 2nd Floor
Office of Procurement – Suite 180
Treasury Cashier Office – Suite L–15
Pay property tax, Parking ticket, Red light violation, or speed camera violation
Environmental Protection – Suite 120
Community Use of Public Facilities Suite 201

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