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Technology Strategic Plan


The Montgomery County Department of Technology Services (DTS) presents the County’s Technology Strategic Plan for calendar years 2016–2019.  This Plan presents a critical bridge between the County’s technology investments of the past ten years and the future needs of the County at a time when technology systems and innovation are driving unprecedented change locally, regionally, and globally.


Under the County’s 2009-2012 and 2013-2015 Technology Strategic Plans, the County successfully implemented several key technology programs and innovations.  The County created its first digital government strategy, launched an open government program and MC311, a constituent relationship management system; expanded its online services and implemented responsive design and mobile first strategies; retired its mainframe and upgraded its legacy financial reporting and tax assessment systems; launched cloud collaboration; implemented security training for all employees, expanded this training to all contractors with access to County systems, and created its  first cybersecurity strategic plan; expanded the footprint of its communications network – FiberNet – by 200 percent, created a FiberNet network operations center, and launched a $108 million Public Safety Systems Modernization program; modernized its ethics reporting system; and created an Innovation Program and Internet of Things laboratory and testbed.

The County’s technology vision is to be a digital county – ready for today and prepared for tomorrow.  Montgomery County will deliver on this vision by: (1) strengthening delivery of services to the public; (2) improving stakeholder productivity; (3) promoting an open and transparent government; (4) protecting the security of stakeholder data; (5) leveraging a dynamic IT workforce; (6) improving the agility of technology delivery; and (7) continually innovating to create a better future. 

This Technology Strategic Plan was created in consultation with 30 departments and offices within the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial Branches of government, and with the assistance of the Public Technology Institute, the Gartner Corporation, the National Association of Counties, the County Council’s IT Advisor, and IPAC – the County’s senior leadership Information Technology Policy Advisory Committee.  This Plan is a “living” document that is reviewed on a periodic basis to ensure that it continues to support the County’s mission and enterprise business strategies. 


2009-2012 Strategic Plan and 2013-2015 Strategic Planning Review
(Note: This Plan was extended through 2015 to facilitate additional review of the County's technology strategy.)

  1. Introduction
  2. Mission
  3. Vision
  4. Focus on Enterprise
  5. Innovation
  6. Governance
  7. Resources and People
  8. Next Steps
  9. Appendix I - Acronym List

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