East County Citizens Advisory Board (ECCAB) Current Members


Meet the Board

Board Members Areas Represented
Rachael Evans, Chair White Oak
William Bentley, Vice-Chair Fairland
Sebastian Smoot, Secretary Good Hope
Christopher Bolton, Parliamentarian Fairland
Fisseha Adugna Burtonsville
Samantha Blizzard White Oak
Sharon Brown Colesville
Subramanyam "Raju" Chebium Burtonsville
Larry Edmonds Briggs Chaney
Kenneth Flemmer Burtonsville
Roberta Goldberg Fairland
Dawn Hill Fairland
Len Newman Cloverly
Susan Price Hillandale
Kimberly Price-Evans Colesville
Tamar Ruth Briggs Chaney/Fairland
Lucille Smith Fairland

The ECCAB was established to represent the voice and interests of the residents of the Eastern Region of Montgomery County. In order to be effective, the board needs to know what the needs, concerns and interest s of residents and their communities are. Please feel free to contact the board at:

Office: 240-777-8414/8400

Fax: 240-777-8410

Email: Eastco.citizen@Montgomerycountymd.gov