Rapid Transit System

Montgomery County is studying the development of a Rapid Transit System (RTS) using Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) that would greatly increase high-quality transit service to the County’s most densely developed areas, areas planned for redevelopment or new dense development. The RTS proposed in Montgomery County will provide much needed relief from traffic congestion and is crucial to the county’s economic development, job creation, and the future mobility of residents.

BRT offers a cost-effective and versatile way for communities to meet their transit needs. It uses well-planned bus routes and facilities that provide for high speed travel at a lower cost than other forms of transit. Some of its distinctive features are its high frequency, all-day service, off-board fare collection, attractive stations, dedicated roadway, and real-time passenger information. BRT buses have features similar to light rail, including level floors, multiple wide doors for easy boarding and departures, and comfortable interiors that include space for wheelchairs and bicycle storage. The RTS also includes the Corridor Cities Transitway (CCT), a bus rapid transit line that is already in the design stages for the western portion of the county.

For more information, visit the RTS webpage.