Realigning the Workforce System

Summary of Progress

In October 2015, WorkSource Montgomery, Inc. became the County’s designated workforce development entity. The non-profit will unify and coordinate the many workforce program and organizations to connect our residents and employers with one another. WorkSource Montgomery, Inc. will serve our unemployed and underemployed residents as well as County businesses who need access to talent. The creation of WorkSource Montgomery, Inc. and the new system builds on the momentum created with our partners in the County Council and Montgomery Moving Forward.

Project Description

County Executive Ike Leggett’s initiative to wholly revamp the County’s workforce development efforts are moving forward, with County Council approval of the non-profit WorkSource Montgomery Inc. as the operating arm of the new policy-setting Workforce Development Board.

Streamlining the way Montgomery County promotes workforce development was an important plank in Leggett’s Six-Point Economic Development Plan. The Plan, unveiled by Leggett in his inaugural speech as he began his third term last December, built on the community impact efforts made by Montgomery Moving Forward, an effort by non-profits, the business community and government and a Workforce Strategies Steering Committee that produced the final recommendations. Click here to see that action plan.

The new system is comprised of two entities: the Workforce Development Board (WDB) and WorkSource Montgomery, Inc (WSM). The WDB will serve as the county-wide policy setting body for workforce development as well as the governance and oversight body for the receipt of federal workforce dollars. WorkSource Montgomery will be the operational entity to execute the policies of the WBD. WorkSource Montgomery will be the single, readily identifiable entity to lead, elevate, and coordinate a comprehensive and demand-driven system of workforce development for Montgomery County. This entity will also coordinate with the County’s economic development system and will be an integral part of the new Comprehensive Economic Strategy.

The Executive Search for a WSM CEO has begun under the direction of Strumpf Associates. A CEO is projected to be on board by March 7, 2016.

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