Advancing Transit

Expanding transit in Montgomery County is critical to the County’s continued economic success. Transit is vitally important for two reasons: (1) to reduce congestion on roads so residents, workers, visitors, and businesses can all efficiently move across the region; and (2) because several major master plan developments are tied to the existence of transit and cannot move forward without it (Great Seneca Science Corridor (GSSC), White Oak Science Gateway, and White Flint redevelopment).

Summary of Progress

  • In April 2015, the County Executive recently reconvened the Transit Task Force to examine the proposed transit authority legislation and propose workable alternatives. The task force delivered a report in October.
  • The County Executive has asked the Dept. of Transportation to work with the State of Maryland to advance BRT on MD 355, US 29, and Veirs Mill Road.

Project Description

The County Executive has recommended steps to move forward with better transit for MD 355, US 29 and Veirs Mill Road and continued support for the Corridor Cities Transitway (CCT). He has also recommended Ride On Plus priority service from the Lakeforest Transit Center to the Medical Center Metrorail Station in less than two years.

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