Six Point Economic Plan

In his inaugural speech on Dec. 1, 2014, County Executive Ike Leggett introduced the Six Point Economic Plan to position Montgomery County for greater economic success. Collectively, these six points represent some of the most pressing priorities to grow Montgomery County’s economy by enhancing transit and fiber connectivity, stimulating entrepreneurial activities, reducing office vacancy, improving regulatory process, and revamping workforce to meet both industry and community needs. The Six Point Economic Plan is part of a larger effort to plan for the County’s long-term economic success: the Comprehensive Economic Plan (CES).

In the year since his announcement, significant progress has been made, with new programs launched that are showing excellent results and other efforts expanded to build on past investments. Among these accomplishments are:

  • MOVE Program26 new businesses were attracted to Montgomery County that collectively absorbed 103,176 square feet of office spaces, and added 187 jobs with a projection of another 343 new jobs over the next three years.
  • Development Streamlining: The Dept. of Permitting Services (DPS) reached their 30-day goal for complete initial reviews 3 months ahead of schedule (in July) and are exceeding expectations - the reviews are averaging 19 days.
  • Workforce Realignment: As of October, 2015, WorkSource Montgomery, Inc. is the County's newly designated workforce development entity.
  • MC Square: BioHealth Innovation has launched the County's first "accelerator," called RelevantHealth, with the goal of bring viable health teach products to market.

Read the County Executive's Press Release or learn more about the initiatives and updates through the links below or in this report.

  1. MOVE/BUILD Incentives
  2. MC Square
  3. Advancing Transit
  4. Streamling Development
  5. ultraMontgomery
  6. Realigning the Workforce System

- download a PDF of the Six Point Economic Plan or a PDF of the Six Point Plan Update Report.