Summary of Progress

  • Montgomery County is partnering with the private sector to connect County businesses, federal agencies, and educational institutions to the heart of the internet with a direct, low-latency fiber route under the Potomac River. Through this partnership, the County will expedite County and State approval processes to make this connection a reality. The County is also allowing service providers to use the County’s FiberNet as a last-mile connection to access the new route. Construction is also underway to create a 100 gigabit Federal Exchange at NIST that will also be connected to FiberNet.
  • The County launched ultraGig at the Silver Spring Innovation Center, making it a wireless 1 gigabit test bed.
  • The County anticipates releasing a Broadband Roadmap and Broadband Market Report within the coming weeks that will identify existing infrastructure and needs for the future.

Read the recent News Release from Montgomery County and USA Fiber on the partnership to connect Montgomery County to the heart of the internet: USA FIBER and Montgomery County Focus on the Future of a Fiber Connected World.

Project Description

ultraMontgomery is the County’s plan to install super fast, 100 gigabit fiber infrastructure, connecting the County’s major economic assets (business, academic, and federal institutions) and innovation communities. It will also expand free wireless access in public facilities. In the modern era, Internet connectivity and network infrastructure are fundamental to our economy, especially in a County that is pioneering rapidly evolving technological fronts in cyber security, IT, and biotech. Reliable, high-speed Internet is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for economic competitiveness.

By leveraging the County’s FiberNet, planned economic development and transit initiatives (White Oak, GSSC, CCT, and RTS), public facilities, and business incubators, ultraMontgomery will expand affordable access to high-speed broadband. The County will build or facilitate the building of centralized access points to reduce the investment burden on broadband services or facilities providers.  This will in turn lower infrastructure deployment costs, create public-private partnerships, and expand knowledge-based jobs and businesses within the County. 

ultraMontgomery will be a multi-year, multi-phase development project. It will require planning, construction, and community engagement to assess need and viability, and will be implemented through incremental investments. The County Executive and Councilmember Riemer will host a Broadband Summit in 2015 to discuss next generation Internet innovations that will be made possible by high-speed broadband. Please visit the UltraMontgomery webpage or contact Mitsuko.Herrera@montgomerycountycountymd.gov for more information.