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Seven Policy Objectives of the County Executive

Demanding Accountable Government & Responsive Service Delivery.

The Montgomery County government, recognized as among the most progressive and effective in the nation, can be even better. In an increasingly diverse County of nearly one million people, maintaining a government that is open and accountable and responsive to its people and businesses is an essential challenge. The Leggett Administration is committed to establishing new patterns of collaboration, participation, partnership, and governance that focus on identifying goals, setting priorities, tracking progress, and responding promptly to the needs of residents and businesses.

Providing Safe Streets & Secure Neighborhoods.

The first imperative of government is to ensure the safety of its people and businesses. State-of-the-art prevention, deterrence, and rehabilitation strategies and new partnerships between residents, businesses, and our public safety officials are the keys to providing the safe streets and secure neighborhoods our people demand. It is essential that Montgomery County continue to work cooperatively to ensure that the National Capital region is the nation's leader in developing the capacity to respond to emergencies of all kinds. The Leggett Administration is committed to providing all of the County's residents and businesses with police, correctional, emergency preparedness, and fire services that are the very best in the nation.

Building Healthy & Sustainable Communities.

People come to Montgomery County because of its renowned quality of life. Our residents value our urban centers, our agricultural communities, and our suburban neighborhoods. A clean environment along with diverse opportunities for recreation and the arts are essential elements of our quality of life. As our community changes and grows to one million people, the Leggett Administration is committed to revitalizing older communities, attracting and retaining quality businesses, providing adequate public facilities, and developing healthy and sustainable new communities based on the principles of smart growth.

Keeping Montgomery Moving.

Traffic gridlock is the number one concern of many of our residents and businesses. It is a threat to the economic competitiveness of our businesses. It robs families of essential time together and pollutes the air we breathe. New roads and transit are important solutions, but they often require many years to implement. As we work on long-range strategies, the Leggett Administration is also committed to immediate action on a wide range of useful and practical actions that can reduce gridlock now. These solutions will require great creativity, regional collaboration, and the shared actions of residents, governments, and businesses.

Preparing Children to Learn & Live.

Our children are our greatest resource and our most important sacred trust. Promoting their safety, education, and development from the very early years through the challenges of adolescence requires an extraordinary effort by our entire community. In addition to maintaining Montgomery County’s tradition of educational excellence, the Leggett Administration is committed to broadening the range of out-of-school opportunities and services that can help our children, especially those from our least affluent families, realize their full potential and prepare for a lifetime of learning.

Ensuring Vital Living for All of Our Residents.

Montgomery County is a community that celebrates its diversity. All of our residents must be welcomed participants with economic and social opportunities to achieve self-sufficiency and full inclusion in the educational, spiritual, governmental, and other essential aspects of community living. The Leggett Administration is committed to valuing the potential of individual ability and diversity while nurturing human disability and frailty as a means of ensuring a just and enduring community.

Expanding Affordable Housing for an Inclusive Community.

Montgomery County has been a pioneer in the effort to provide a full range of housing for our people. Our moral and economic strength demand that we continue to be on the cutting edge of progress in providing affordable housing. Our economic success has made this challenge even greater and more essential. The Leggett Administration is committed to continue the tradition of creative action to provide affordable housing for our workforce and the dignity of a home for all of our people.



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