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Single Use Account (SUA) Notice

Montgomery County is undertaking a new accounts payable (AP) initiative that will enable our suppliers to get paid faster and gain greater visibility into the settlement process. As part of this effort, you will no longer need to receive paper checks or paper remittance advices from Montgomery County. Single Use Account, or SUA, electronic settlement will provide Montgomery County suppliers with real-time access to credit card payment details and downloadable remittance information, via a secure, online portal.

To accomplish this, Montgomery County will be leveraging J.P. Morgan’s Order-to-Pay. Order-to-Pay is an easy-to-use, Web-based tool for exchanging documents including SUA payment remittance information with Montgomery County and any other buyers you may have using Order-to-Pay. As an industry leader in secure invoicing and payment solutions, Order-to-Pay currently serves more than 100,000 suppliers.

Order-to-Pay allows you to retrieve your Single Use Credit Card payment remittance via a secure online portal. Once a payment is processed, you will receive remittance information via e-mail or you can see all your payment information directly through your Order-to-Pay account. Your account gives you complete visibility into receivables with status of all payment dates.

Please keep in mind that single use accounts are treated the same as credit cards and must be processed as such. Any negotiated agreement that you have with your banking institution in regards to credit card transactions, will apply to single use account transactions as well.

Electronic payment processing is a strategic initiative for Montgomery County. Although enrollment is not mandatory, Montgomery County expects you to enroll in the Order-to-Pay Network if your business currently accepts Credit Card as a method of payment.

Should you choose to enroll/participate in the program, enrollment instructions are as follows:

If you have questions regarding Order-to-Pay functionality or the enrollment process, please review the FAQ at or contact Sanjay Jhangiani at or 1-240-777-8851.

Thank you for your participation in this important initiative.


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