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Family Justice Center

Domestic Violence Coordinating Council 

 The Domestic Violence Coordinating Council (DVCC) was established by the Montgomery County Council in 2006 with the mission of reducing the incidence of domestic violence and creating a safe community for families to live free of abuse.

The seventeen member board is comprised of six public members and eleven agency representatives of the County and State government who coordinate efforts relating to domestic violence prevention and safety.  The DVCC meets bi-monthly on the second Thursday of the month. Meetings are open to the public.

DVCC Board Members

Membership Ex-Officio Members

Maria Alvarado

Commissioner, Commission for Women
For Judith Vaughan-Prather, Executive Director
County Commission for Women

 Russell Hamill

Assistant Chief of Police,
For J. Thomas Manger, Chief
Montgomery County Department of Police

The Honorable Marielsa Bernard

Associate Judge
Circuit Court for Montgomery County
For The Honorable John W. Debelius III
Administrative Judge
Circuit Court for Montgomery County

Nomination Pending

Senior Administrator,
Behavioral Health and Crisis Services
For Uma Ahluwalia, Director
Montgomery County Department of Health
and Human Services

The Honorable Phil Andrews

Chair, DVCC
County Council

Hannah Sassoon

Vice Chair, DVCC
Domestic Violence Coordinator
For Darren M. Popkin,
Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office

The Honorable Eugene Wolfe

Administrative Judge
District Court of Maryland for

Nomination Pending

Chief, Montgomery County Pre-Trial Services
For Arthur M. Wallenstein, Director
Department of Correction and Rehabilitation

Laura Chase

Deputy State’s Attorney
For John J. McCarthy
Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office

William Sollod

Regional Administrator
Division of Parole and Probation  

Shirley Brandman

Montgomery County Board of Education


Public Members

Dorothy Fait, Esq.

Community Member
Attorney at Law
Fait, Wise & DiLima, LLP

Donna Rismiller, Esq.

Attorney Member
Attorney at Law
Rismiller Law Group, LLC

Donna Baird

Community Member

Jessica Levy

Student Member

Resa Levy

Community Member

Ana Valdez

Community Member



Tom Manion







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 To contact DVCC staff, send an email to: