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Family Justice Center


To access FJC service information in Spanish, French, Korean and Chinese please read our language card.

Needs Assessment:

Staff at the FJC will work with you on an individualized, comprehensive safety plan, and review the services at the FJC to help you determine your special needs and provide appropriate resources on-site to assist you and your family.

Initial Protective Order Services:

An advocate from the FJC can assist you with filing your petition for protection at the FJC. Clients at the FJC are able to obtain temporary protective orders with the use of special video-conferencing links between the FJC and the courts. This use of technology permits you to obtain the order without having to leave the safety and comfort of the FJC. The FJC staff will assist you in finding legal representation or court companionship for your Final Protective Order hearing in court. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for service of Peace Orders and Protective Orders in Montgomery County .

Legal Services:

FJC partners including the House of Ruth, Maryland and Immigration Legal Services of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington, DC can assist you with legal matters. The House of Ruth has a staff of civil attorneys to represent you at a Protective Order hearing at no charge. Catholic Charities provides assistance for those who have immigration questions. One of their attorneys can meet with you in a confidential setting to explain the the Federal Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) provisions to protect battered immigrant women.

Counseling Services:

You can meet with a counselor and make arrangements for further individual or group counseling services. The Montgomery County Abused Persons Program provides short term individual and group counseling to domestic violence victims. House of Ruth, Maryland can provide long term counseling services for adults and children.

Safe Start:

Children who are exposed to violence in their homes are at risk of psychological, social, behavioral and learning problems.  In order to address these problems the FJC has counseling options for your children depending upon their age and needs.  The Safe Start Kids Group is available for children between the ages of 3-18.  We also have a licensed play therapist for younger children.  A staff member will assist you in completing the forms.    Download the Safe Start Services for Children Exposed to Domestic Violence brochureEn español

Emergency Services:

Members of the FJC staff can assist you with your emergency needs. You can receive transportation assistance.  You and your family may be offered the option of confidential shelter so that you and your family have a safe and comfortable place to live. If your pet needs shelter, you can receive information on how the Humane Society can help. The FJC provides snacks and refreshments to domestic violence victims and their families who are receiving services and can provide food vouchers for emergency food needs. You will also have access to the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services Emergency Services for additional needs. Montgomery County Child Welfare Services staff will also be available to you if you have concerns for your children’s well-being, whether they have been victims of abuse and/or neglect or not. You can also be referred to the Child Advocacy Center - the Treehouse for services for your children who have been hurt by or have witnessed domestic violence.

Investigative Services:

You can meet with a detective about possible criminal charges against your abuser. They are available on-site to speak with you. You can also meet with someone from the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office to discuss the details of the criminal case. They have a full staff on-site to assist you and to answer any of your questions


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