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Emergency Medical Services

Assistant Chief Barry Reid

Section Chief

The EMS Section is composed of the following staff:

                                        EMS Duty Officers

               EMS 701                                                    EMS703

A-Shift: Captain Lonnie Jackson                    Captain Bill Phelps

B-Shift: Captain Jason Giza                            Captain Dwayne Dutrow

C-Shift: Captain John Parsley                         Captain Peter Dugan

Medical Director's Message

Welcome to the EMS Section of the MCFRS Web Site. I have always told providers that EMS is an equal partner in tertiary public health. My vision of our work in this great vocation is to mirror all of medicine's efforts in quality improvement (QI). This is the continuous enhancing of the system's ability and our individual efforts to uphold the highest standards of care to citizens. Most of the QI mission is prospective (in advance of care itself) as opposed to retrospective (peer review) and immediate (on-line), and includes several steps. Education is a key part of that mission, whether it is on cutting edge issues, new protocols, the medical literature, or avoiding pitfalls in practice. I have posted bulletins or articles over time that foster best practices in the street.

The Office of Medical Oversight is happy to field a call at PSHQ if I am at my desk, (240) 777 2397, or we can be reached more emergently through the EMS B/C (240) 777 2246 or the EMS QA Office (240) 773-8951 during business hours. The EMS duty officer mobile phone (240) 372 5686 is an off hours gateway to my input. I also travel alone or with the EMSDO to meet and discuss topics of interest at the stations in a rotational manner. In December 2010, we amended twice-monthly open office hours to be most even numbered Tuesdays from 0930-1145A, subject to change in the event of occasional conflicts. Please always call ahead for an appointment if you wish to discuss general issues from the field in person or by phone.

Dr. Roger Stone
EMS Medical Director


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