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Task Force Reports

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  On December 13, 2000, an "Aerial Study Work Group" was assigned to complete an Aerial Unit Review. The scope of the study included the following issues:

  1. To update the 1995 Aerial Unit Study to meet current and projected needs as outlined, and to make recommendations to the Fire and Rescue Commission regarding short term/long term solutions for strategic deployment of MCFRS aerial units. The criteria for such equipment should be based upon response times, risk assessment in response areas, efficiency and effectiveness in the deployment of such resources, improvements to the public safety, and other appropriate factors.
  2. To specifically address and provide recommendations on the following:
  • Memorandum from the Fire Administrator to the FRC Operations Committee dated October 12, 2000, regarding Bethesda Fire Department Aerial Tower 20.
  • Kensington VFD’s request to the Fire Administrator dated September 14, 2000, to reconsider the staffing restrictions previously placed on the operations of Truck 5.
  • Silver Spring VFD’s request to the FRC Operations Committee, dated October 31, 2000, urging the restoration of aerial ladder service, including vehicle and personnel to Fire Station 1.

            The workgroup began actively meeting in January 2001, and began to develop consensus on the issues assigned to the workgroup, as well as on additional issues developed by the workgroup. 

    Prepared for the Fire and Rescue Commission
    Operations Committee, October 1, 2001

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