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Division Of Wellness Safety & Training

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Behavioral Health Component of the Wellness-Fitness Initiative

A joint labor-management project of the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service and IAFF Local 1664

CISM/Behavioral Home Page

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- Other Counseling/Support Options -

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Montgomery County Crisis Center

Staff members from the Crisis Center have been working with our CISM Team for several years. In addition to bringing professional expertise to CISM defusings and debriefings, they can provide initial counseling sessions to those who are experiencing a crisis. You may notice Crisis Center personnel visiting the fire and rescue stations and participating in ride-alongs. Feel free to show them around or explain various aspects of fire service operations to them. This experience should increase their ability to help firefighters/rescuers who experience difficulties after critical incidents, or as a result of other struggles they are facing.

Employees Assistance Program: ComPsych® GuidanceResources®

Family Support Network

Contact Information: e-mail & request FSN information.

The Family Support Network recognizes that responding to fire rescue calls can change a person’s life and that families/significant others are impacted by the work of their firefighter/rescuer.


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