Food and Facilities Licensing

Environmental Health

This unit enforces the regulations associated with the operation of all licensed food service facilities.  This includes routine and complaint investigations, food-borne disease outbreak investigations (with the Disease Control Office), plan review for public pools and food service facilities, and emergency response at licensed facilities.  Staff conduct educational seminars for licensees and issue  periodic newsletters.  This unit also enforces Montgomery County's smoking, trans fat and menu labeling laws, as well as regulations related to the control of rats.

This unit consists of Environmental Health Specialists who perform complex inspections and investigations of public facilities to enforce the regulatory standards associated with the operation of all licensed facilities. The investigators work in assigned areas of the county and schedule and conduct on-site inspections and investigations of construction and operating standards in facilities and institutions, such as restaurants; markets: bakeries; nursing homes; group residential homes; public and private schools; tanning salons; and public swimming pools, for the purpose of identifying public health and safety hazards.

The investigator's duties include:

  • Conduct on-site hazard analysis for food preparation and handling.
  • Evaluate layout, cleanliness and condition of facility.
  • Conduct temperature monitoring of food and equipment, inspect and test equipment.
  • Sample foods, beverage and potable water when required.
  • Conduct inspections of seasonal food vendors and special food service events for compliance and issue licenses.
  • Review and approve architectural drawings and equipment specifications for remodeling and initial construction of food service facilities and public swimming pools.
  • Evaluate adulterated food and damaged equipment due to fire, electrical or water shut offs, sewage backups or other emergencies.
  • Investigate alleged food borne illnesses by interviewing victims, witnesses, employees and managers; take samples of food and beverages; and identify environmental and operating factors contributing to outbreak.
  • Investigate complaints and enforce regulation concerning smoking, entertainment and video games, tanning, massage personnel.
  • Participate in bioterrorism preparedness planning and operations.
  • Receive and review complaints concerning insect and rodent infestation.
  • Ensure that rodenticides/pesticides are properly applied and that chemicals do not adversely affect the public, animals, or the environment.
  • Coordinate and administer the County mosquito control program and assist in West Nile Virus control response.