Food and Facilities Licensing

Health Care - Domiciliary/Assisted Living Care

This unit ensures the protection of the public health and quality of care through a program of inspection and investigation of licensed health care facilities, such as nursing homes and large and small assisted living facilities. 

Domiciliary/Assisted Living License

Any person, corporation, or entity intending to operate a Domiciliary/Assisted Living Program must obtain a valid license from the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Service, Licensure and Regulatory Services and the Maryland Department of Health - Office of Health Care Quality.

What is a Domiciliary/Assisted Living Program?
Residential or facility based programs that provide housing and supportive services, supervision, personalized assistance, and/or health-related services to meet the needs of residents who are unable to perform or need assistance in performance in activities of daily living.

How does a person, corporation or entity obtain a Domiciliary/Assisted Living License?
A license must be obtained prior to operating a Domiciliary/Assisted Living Program for 17 or more residents from Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services- Licensure and Regulatory Services. In addition, a license must be obtained prior to operating a Domiciliary/ Assisted Living program from the Department of Health -  Office of Health Care Quality.

A licensee must be in compliance with the requirements and all other documents incorporated by reference in COMAR 10.07.14., and other applicable State and local laws and regulations. The license shall be issued for a specified number of beds and a specified level of care.  A licensee may not provide services beyond its licensed authority.


An application for a Domiciliary/Assisted living license is available here:

Domiciliary Application

Applications and required State information is available at the  MDH website

Are there any fees?
Please see the fee schedule for any fees that might apply: Fee Schedule

What is the process for obtaining a Domiciliary Care License?

  • Complete all parts of the application and submit it along with the appropriate fee to  Licensure & Regulatory Services.
  • Zoning Approval and/or Use & Occupancy Permit (9 + beds) - Please provide a copy of your zoning approval and/or use & occupancy permit. 
  • Food service license is required for programs that have 17 or more beds. 
  • Fire Approval
  • Environmental Health inspection
  • Well & Septic- if applicable
  • When all of your documentation has been received in its entirety and approved, a nurse surveyor from Licensure & Regulatory Services and or the Office of Healthcare Quality (OHCQ) will contact you to set up a paper review of your information.  A site inspection will follow. 

A Montgomery County License will not be issued until all State and County requirements are met. 

Additionally, a Montgomery County license is issued for one year and must be renewed annually.  Fire and environmental inspections are also required annually.