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Nursing Home License

Who must apply for a nursing home license?
Any person, corporation, governmental unit or agency intending to operate a Nursing Home must obtain a valid license from the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services, Licensure and Regulatory Services and the Maryland Department of Health - Office of Health Care Quality.

What is a Nursing Home?
A nursing home is a facility other than a facility offering domiciliary or personal care as defined in Health-General Article, Title 19, Subtitle 3, annotated Code of Maryland, which offers nonacute inpatient care to patients suffering from a disease, condition, disability or advanced age, or terminal disease requiring maximal nursing care without continuous hospital services and who require medical services and nursing services rendered by or under the supervision of a licensed nurse.

Licensure and Regulatory Services ensures that State licensure and Medicare/Medicaid standards are maintained for nursing homes through unannounced on-site surveys, follow-up visits and complaint investigations.  These visits are conducted by survey staff, representatives of the State’s Office of the Fire Marshal (SFOM) and the local environmental health specialist.  Enforcement actions are taken, when appropriate, to ensure compliance with State and federal regulations.

When must a person, corporation or entity obtain a Nursing Home License?
A license must be obtained prior to operating a Nursing Home from Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services- Licensure and Regulatory Services.  In addition, a license must be obtained prior to operating a Nursing Home from the Department of Health - Office of Health Care Quality- Long Term Care Unit.

How does a person, corporation or entity apply for and obtain approval to operate a Nursing Home?
Applications and information on the required attachments are available here:

County requirements: Download the  Nursing Home application (PDF Format)

State requirements: Persons wanting to open a nursing home must contact the Office of Health Care Quality or call 410-402-8144 or 877-402-8219.

A Montgomery County License will not be issued until all State and County requirements are met.

Montgomery County Requirements (in addition to State requirements):

When all of your documentation has been received in its entirety and approved, a nurse surveyor from the OHCQ and/or Licensure & Regulatory Services will contact you to set up a paper review of your information.  A site inspection will follow.

A Montgomery County license is issued for one year and must be renewed annually.  Fire and environmental inspections are also required annually. 

Is there a fee?
See the  Fee Schedule (PDF format)

  • Complete all parts of the application and submit it along with the appropriate fee to the Office of Licensure & Regulatory Services.
  • Provide a copy of your zoning approval and/or use & occupancy permit. 
  • Food service license 
  • Fire Approval - initial Environmental Health inspection
  • Well & Septic; if applicable