Customer Service Pledge


  • To be treated with respect;
  • To receive benefits or services as allowed by the Federal, State and Local laws;
  • To receive, upon request, interpreter services or assistive devices to help you in applying for benefits or services;
  • To have your questions answered in a timely, accurate and professional manner;
  • To have calls returned within 24 hours unless informed otherwise;
  • To be seen within a reasonable timeframe if you walk-in for service;
  • To have appointments kept on time or be notified in a timely manner if this is not possible (Please bring all requested information to the best of your ability);
  • To have an overall service plan, to know what can be accomplished in what timeframe and what is expected of you; and,
  • To have any concerns about how you were served or how you were treated addressed.Please contact the unit supervisor on site.For further assistance, contact the HHS by dialing 311 for referral to an appropriate administrator.