Emergency Plan

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Montgomery County Government Employee Emergency Handbook

Montgomery County Employees are provided a copy of the Montgomery County Government Employee Emergency Handbook to prepare all county employees for various types of emergencies that may occur.  Employees should review the information provided in the document.  Included in the handbook is the following information: 

  • If an emergency occurs while employees are at the work site, employees are to take whatever actions necessary for their protection.

  • Employees are to contact their supervisor or other designated person at the worksite to determine appropriate action needed to respond to the presenting emergency at the worksite.

  • If the employee is injured or unable to contact their family, every effort will be made to contact them using the Emergency Contact Information provided by the employee and maintained in the employee’s personnel records.

  • If an emergency strikes while an employee is not at their usual work site (e.g., work setting away from office or at another office site), the employee should call 911 to report the emergency and notify your supervisor or someone else at your regular work site as soon as possible. 

Emergency Assembly Sites for Office of Human Resources Personnel

Depending on the nature of the emergency and the priority essential functions determined by the Emergency Operations Center Incident Commander, OHR may need to operate from an Assembly Site (a pre-identified temporary field site or determined at the time of the emergency).  The assembly site may be another County or municipal facility or commercial location.  This site will be used to temporarily stage the OHR operations until appropriate alternate site facilities are secured for use.

Emergency Assembly Sites

  • Parking Lot across from the Regal Theater, which serves as the assembly point if the Executive Office Building is evacuated.

  • Little Red Brick Court House (either the outside lawn area or in a room inside the building).

  • Other locations to be determined based on the nature of the emergency.

Essential Employees

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