MCPL Playbook for Recovery

Dear Library Customers –

This has been an exciting and busy week with the opening of our book drops! As we make plans to move forward with our Holds to Go! Service starting July 6th, we want to remind customers of a few things:

  • Returned books will be quarantined for 96 hours BEFORE we check them back into our system. Therefore, you will not see a change to your account until the end of that 96 hour period.
  • Fines are still suspended, there is no rush to return materials.
  • We cannot accept any donations at this time. Any donated materials left at our branches or deposited in our book drops will be disposed of. Donations may be taken to the Friends of the Library Montgomery County bookstore. Please check for more information.

Now for some thrilling news: our new Holds to Go! Service beginning on Monday, July 6th!

You will be able to place items on hold online or by phone, and then make an appointment to pick them up in the library vestibule or at an outside table. Find out more here:

Please Note - If you have a holds list currently, please review it at this time and delete or suspend holds you do not wish to pick up using this service. 3 week due dates will be reinstituted on July 6.

Looking forward, our next chapter for recovery will allow access to our buildings and computers on a limited basis. Please stay tuned for more information on that.

Thank you for all of your support during the past three months, and we look forward to once again being able to share our wonderful physical collection with everyone.


Anita Vassallo
MCPL Director

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