Digital Media Labs

MCPL's Digital Media Labs are a 21st century space to learn, explore, and create digital media. You can learn and practice digital photography, storytelling, video production, graphic design, music videos, social media, animation, computer programming, art, and more. There is currently a Digital Media Lab at Silver Spring.

When can I use the lab?

The Digital Media Lab is open on a walk-in basis. Groups who provide programs in the Silver Spring lab can reserve the room by calling the branch at 240-773-9420.

Software at the lab

Silver Spring Digital Media Lab

  • Adobe Create Suite
    • Illustrator
    • InDesign
    • Photoshop
  • Cura
  • GarageBand
  • GitHub
  • iMovie
  • Xcode

Hardware at the lab

Silver Spring Digital Media Lab

  • 3 Mac Book Pro laptop computers
  • 4 iMac desktop computers
    (reserved for library sponsored programs)

Policies and Guidelines

Silver Spring Digital Media Lab

  1. Participant must have an active (not expired) Montgomery County Public Library (MCPL) account. This account cannot be in Collection.
  2. Participant must have library card with them. Photo ID will not be substituted. Library card must be Participant’s own card. Another customer’s card, including family members, cannot be used.
  3. All guidelines governing the use of MCPL and the computer, Internet, and wireless use policies must be followed.
  4. No food or drink, including water, is allowed in Lab.
  5. It is the responsibility of the Participant to save their work. The library is not responsible for lost work.
  6. Participants will access their own work only on shared external hard drives. They will not access another Participant’s work or alter or delete it in any way.
  7. Participants will be considerate of those working around them and will use headphones when listening to audio and keep their equipment and property in their own space.
  8. Participant understands that their property cannot be watched or attended to by staff. If they must leave the Lab they risk having property stolen unless they take it with them. The library is not responsible for non-library property.
  9. Participant will alert staff if there is a problem with any of the equipment. Do not try to repair the problem.
  10. All equipment is locked in storage and may be checked out by request to staff. Equipment cannot leave the library.
  11. Participant is responsible for reimbursing MCPL for full replacement cost if any equipment is lost, stolen, or damaged. Minor scratches are considered normal wear and tear, but damage that affects future use is not.
  12. The Lab will be used for making digital content. It is not a general purpose lab. Staff reserves the right to ask Participant to vacate the Lab if they are using it improperly.
  13. Daily use and events may be recorded and/or photographed. Content resulting from this may be used for any purpose at MCPL’s sole discretion and without payment of notification to Participant.
  14. Participants who do not abide by any of the above stipulations or staff direction may have their Lab and/or borrowing privileges revoked.