Technology For Kids

Early Literacy Bilingual and After School Edge Stations are special computers preloaded with child tested software that makes learning science, math, geography and reading fun for young children. These programs are designed to inspire children to become life-long learners through education and technology.

Early Literacy Bilingual Stations

Early Literacy Bilingual Stations are at all branches except for Kensington Park, Noyes, and Potomac.

After School Edge Stations

After School Edge Stations are at the following branches:

AWE Tablets

There are three types of AWE tablets: Early Literacy, Bilingual Early Literacy and After School Edge. AWE tablets can be checked out:

  • for in branch use only
  • only on a library card for ages 13 and up
  • for one hour and cannot be renewed

AWE Early Literacy tablets

AWE Bilingual (Spanish/English) Early Literacy tablets

After School Edge tablets