Planning Your Path to Retirement

All County employees who are eligible to retire or who are within five years of normal retirement as defined within their retirement plan are eligible to attend.  This seminar is designed to provide employees with the guidance, tools and information they need to prepare for one of life’s most important decisions, retirement.

Note: All contribution limits and minimum required distributions are based on IRS rules.

The seminar covers these topics:

  • County retirement benefits
    • ERS: Employees’ Retirement System (Codes: AK, HK, EK, GK, FK, or JK) - watch video
    • RSP: Retirement Savings Plan (Codes: RM and RN) - watch video
    • GRIP: Guaranteed Retirement Income Plan (Codes: CM and CN) - watch video
  • Social Security and Medicare - watch video
  • Deferred Compensation Plan (County 457) - watch video
  • Financial Planning - watch video
  • Estate Planning - watch video