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Season 3(2022)


Episode 2: Boss Talk - Garland Ave and W. Deer Park Ave


Aire Date: February 10, 2022
Presenters: Capt. Miller, Deitz, Smith, Stottlemyer, Reilly,  Lt Damico & MF Jeffery 


Episode 1: The EMS Duty Officer and the Company Officer

Aire Date: Janurary 10, 2022
Presenters: Capt. Miller, Dement, & Baltrotsky 





Boss Talks : Season 2 (2021)

Season 2 Episode 1:  Bayridge Dive Townhouse Fire with Entrapment

Aire Date:  January 4, 2021
Presenter's:  Battaliion Chief Steve Mann, Capt. Brady Miller, Capt. Ty Stottlemyer, Capt. Troy Lipp, Lt. Brent Frain, Lt. Derrick Buckley

Middle of the row townhouse fire in the basement with 1 trapped

Captain Lipp is a 33-year veteran of MCFRS, assigned to Station 31 on C Shift.  He is the Station Commander, a paramedic, and an officer on the Technical Rescue Team.  He also serves as an Assistant Task Force Leader on the FEMA US&R Team, Maryland Task Force 1, and is an instructor at the FRTA in the Paramedic Training Program.  Previously, Captain Lipp worked as an investigator in the Fire and Explosives Investigation section, taught many other courses at the training academy, and worked as member of the implementation team for the Public Safety 2000 CAD and RMS upgrades.


Captain Ty Stottlemyer is a 35 year veteran of MCFRS and is currently the Station Commander of Station 8 in Gaithersburg where he has spent most of his career.  Captain Stottlemyer is also an EMS Duty Officer and a primary instructor for the FRTA Paramedic Training Program. 

Lieutenant Brent Frain has finished 19 years of service with Montgomery County Fire Rescue. Lt. Frain Is currently assigned to Station 31 in the 3rd Battalion on the C-shift. He is currently a TRT- Officer and  the Search team Manager for Maryland Task Force 1 FEMA USAR team. He is a FEMA Incident Support Team Division/ Group supervisor. Lt. Frain currently instructs at the Frederick Community college in the Fire Science degree program and recently retired as a fire investigator in the private sector.


Season 2 Episode 2:  Washingotn Grove Lane; Station 28 Graden Apartment Fire. 2nd Alarm with Entrapment and security door access issues

Aire Date:  January 18, 2021

Presenter's:  Battaliion Chief Pat Stanton, Capt. Brady Miller, Capt. Ivan Browning, Capt. Tommy Gartner, Capt. Morgan Boyd,
Lt. Murphy, Lt. Noel Hull. 

First arriving unit officers will discuss their actions at a working 2-alarm apartment fire in 28’s area, where they had to overcome
lots of challenges, including having to force high-security doors.

Captain Ivan Browning is a 21-year veteran with MCFRS and Acting Battalion Chief with Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service.  His permanent assignment is Station 28 where he has been assigned since 2013 and serves as the Station Commander.  Captain Browning is the Hazardous Materials Team leader for the department and has been a hazmat technician for over 20 years along with one of the lead instructors for Hazmat Technician with MCFRS.  Captain Browning teaches at the PSTA as an MICRB instructor, is a member of MDTF-1 and is the Pipe Major for the Montgomery County Firefighters Pipes and Drums.


Season 2 Episode 3:  Lorain Avenue House Fire with Maydays  (December 22, 2020)

Aire Date:  February 2, 2021
Presenter's:  Capt. Brady Miller, BC Monte Fitch, Capt. Douoglas Arnold, Lt. Matthew Machala, Lt. Wesley Owens, FF Scott Pierce, Lt. Ryan Harris, Lt. Bryan Riley

Incident dispatched early morning hours as some shift change was occurring. The structure was unoccupied and under renovation although that was not known early on.  Two maydays occurred during this incident. 



Season 2 Episode 4:  Braxfield Court (28 Box Area) and Sterling Terrace (32 Box Area)

Aire Date: March 9, 2021
Presenters: Captain William Kinna, Captain Kristy Furst  & Lieutenant Gregory Ransom

Captain Kinna is a 22 year veteran of the MCFRS and is currently assigned to Station 23 "Twinbrook" on the B Shift.  

Captain kristy Furst

Lieutenant Grgegory Ransom has served as the Tower Officer at Station 23 for the past 6 years. Prio to Station 23 Lt. Ransom served at Station 6 "Bethesda" as a Battalion 2 Float Lieutenant and as a Master Firefighter at Station 29 "Germantown."



Season 2 Episode 5: Roundtable

Aire Date: April 13, 2021
Moderator: Battalion Chief Mark Davis 
Presenters: Division Chief C. Bailey, Assistant Chief  Matt Carrigan, Captain Brady Miller   



Season 2 Episode 6:  First In Company: The COLA Experience

Aire Date: May 5, 2021
Presenters:  Lt. Wesley Shipley, Lt. Sean Purcell, Lt. David Braun

 Lieutenant Wesley Shipley is a 12 year member of MCFR and is currently assigned to the 1st Battalion on A-shift. He has been assigned as a float Lieutenant in the 1st since his promotion 3 years ago. He was a Master Firefighter at 12A prior to promotion. As a firefighter he was assigned to Company 16 for five years. Lieutenant Shipley attended the COLA in 2017, and in 2018 was a beta tester for the Lieutenant Mentor Program. Lieutenant Shipley has been a Nationally Registered Paramedic for ten years, and has lead the development of several MBT programs since its inception. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Fire Science from Purdue University Global. 

Lieutenant Sean Purcell has been a volunteer firefighter in the county system for 12 years. I grew up in Montgomery County and now reside in the District of Columbia.  He is currently the Daystaff Lieutenant since 2019 at BCCRS where he has been employed since 2012.  Since that time he has been continuing his Fire/Rescue education  through attending classes pertaining to advanced rescue work and strengthening my skills. In his spare time he enjoys mountain biking, reading and music. In the fall of 2021 he will be attending the week long LUF leadership development retreat to further his professional education. 


Lt. David Braun is a US Marine Corps Veteran and former student of the 1st Battalion serving MCFRS for the past 14 years. Has an associates in fire science and currently wrapping up a bachelors in legal studies.  Truck companies-Crayons-and Country. In that order.





Season 2 Episode 7:  First in Operations of E. Wayne Ave and Manchester Rd

Air Date: June 2, 2021
Presenters:  Capt. Dietz, Lt Travers, Capt. Barcenas, Lt. Anderson 

Capt. Dietz has 18 years with Montgomery County Fire Rescue and has worked most of her career in Battalion 1 and is currently the Station Commander at ENG1INE on “B” Shift.




 Lieutenant Travers is a 12-year veteran of MCFRS and is currently assigned to the 1st Battalion on the A-shift. Previously he was assigned as a Master Firefighter at Company 1 on the A-shift. Prior to Station 1, he was assigned to Station 2, Station 31, Station 25, and Station 28. Lieutenant Travers is also part of FEMA's Maryland Task Force 1 and has spent time previously at the Emergency Communications Center. 





Lieutenant David Anderson is a 29 year veteran of MCFRS, currently assigned to 16 engine at the "Fighting Four corners" station of Silver Spring Maryland. He has spent most of his career in Battalion 1 at stations 1,15 and 16.







Season 2 Episode 8: The The Role of a Master Firefighter

Air Date: July 9, 2021
Presenters:  Capt. Miller, MFF M. Collins, MFF M. Johns & MFF D.Wallace

MFF. Collins was hired in 2002 and promoted to master firefighter in 2011. She is assigned to 19 A-shift as the primary tower driver. She is also acitve as the drivers training instructor. 





MFF Johns has been with MCFRS since 2004 and is assigned to Station 29 on C-Shift. He has been a Master Firefighter since 2012, having spent four years at Station 31 before coming to Station 29. Mike is the Rescue Team Manager for the department’s FEMA US&R team, Maryland Task Force 1, and a member of the Technical Rescue Team. He has served as an instructor for the FRTA’s technical rescue and driver training programs and is currently a lead instructor for the FEMA US&R Structural Collapse program. 



MFF Wallace has been on the job for 23 years. He has been a Master Firefighter for the last 18 years promoted in 2003.  He started as a Rookie at FS08 in 1998, from there did time at 28, ECC, 25, 29 and I have been back at FS08 for the last 12 years as the the primary engine driver.  





Season 2 Episode 9: Twinbrook Water Rescues

Air Date: October 6, 2021
Presenters: Capt. Miller, Capt. Heflin Capt. Kinna, MFF Carlin, FF. Marlatt



Season 2 Episode 10: Burning Bush Lane House Fire

Air Date: July 9, 2021
Presenters: Capt. Miller, Chief Blake, Capt. Potter, Capt. Dominck, Capt. Ford

Battalion Chief BlakeBC Blake is 21-year member of MCFRS and is currently assigned to the 5th Battalion on the A-Shift. He spent most of his time as a firefighter/paramedic and officer working at a Haz-Mat or TRT station. He is an instructor at the PSTA and spent 6 years as the In-Service Training Coordinator. BC Blake is completing a bachelor's degree from Purdue University Global in Fire & Emergency Management. 





Captain FordCaptain Ford has been with MCFRS since 1992, and is currently assigned to 18 C-Shift. He was first promoted to a officer 17 years ago and has served a officer in the Safety office, First, Second, Third and Fourth Battalion. Captain Ford is a commissioner on the Fire and Emergency Service Commission and is currently the chair of Local 1664 contract negotiation Committee and Joint Health and Safety Committee.  He has a associate’s degree in Fire Science Administration, and is a IAFF Peer Fitness Trainer, CPAT Mentor and is working with special ops to develop MCFRS’s UAS program.  


Captain DominickCaptain Keith Dominick has been with MCFRS for 24 years he is assigned to Co.25 on the B-Shift. He is a PSTA instructor, Safety Officer, TRT Member and a member of the joint health and safety committee for Local 1664. Most importantly he is senior to Capt. Brady Miller by 1 number. 





Captain PotterCaptain Tom Potter is starting his 25th year with MCFRS and is the station commander at FS25. He is a paramedic, back up EMSDO, Technical Rescue Officer, Hazmat TechnicianMD-TF1 Hazardous Material Specialist and MICRB Fire and EMS instructor.  





Season 2 Episode 11: Laytonsville House Explosion 

Air Date: November 11, 2021
Presenters: Capt. Miller, Capt Mooreland, Capt Yingling, Lt. Hobbs, MF. Scholl, FF Gmerek 


Boss Talk : Season 1 (2020)

Episode 1 : Featherwood House Fire

Aire Date: July 24, 2020
Presenters: Battalion Chief Mark Davis, Captain's Brady Miller & Rafael Gibson, Lieutenant's Joshua Hart &  Josh Mister

BC Davis is a 39 year veteran of MCFRS and is currently assigned to the 1st Battalion on the A-shift.  He spent time as a company officer at Stations 10, 20 R2, 1 and 3 and as a chief officer at Battalion 1, Battalion 5, and FEI.  BC Davis' spent many hours early on in our Recruit Training program, our original Officer Candidate Schools, and our COPDI programs.  BC Davis holds a bachelors and masters degrees from the University of Maryland and a Masters Degree from Clemson University.

Captain Miller is a 23 year veteran of MCFRS, and for 7 years has is been assigned to Station 2 on the A-shift.  Prior to Station 2, he was assigned to Company 25 and Company 3.  Captain Miller is involved in both program development and instruction at the PSTA.  He is an instructor with the Recruit Training program, Safety and Survival, flashover training, and for 8 years been the lead instructor for our Company Officer Leadership Academy.

Captain Gibson is a 17 year veteran of MCFRS and is currently assigned to the 1st Battalion on the A-shift. While working as a Lieutenant, he spent most of his time at Company 15. As a firefighter, he was assigned to Company 16 on the B-shift and Company 25 on the C-shift (rookie-time). Captain Gibson is an MICRB instructor which allows him to assist with recruit training, driver’s training, volunteer classes, flashover training, and save-your-own programs. He was also involved in recruit PT program and the car seat technician program. Captain Gibson earned  a Bachelor’s degree from Purdue University Global in Fire & Emergency Management. 

Lieutenant Hart is a 13 year veteran of MCFRS. He has been assigned to 15D for the last two years. Prior to that assignment he floated in the 2nd battalion. As a firefighter he was assigned to station 16 for 9 years. LT Hart also moonlights as a comm specialist for MDTF1. LT Hart served in the Marine Corps from 2005 to 2011

Lieutenant Mister is closing in on 16 years of service with Montgomery County Fire Rescue. Josh Is currently assigned to Station 15 in the 1st Battalion on the A-shift.  Prior to Station 15 he was assigned to Station 25 as a firefighter. Josh continues to play a major role in technical rescue. In the early days of the “rescue challenge team”, Josh spent countless hours training and participating with the group.  He is a Rescue Squad Officer for Maryland Task Force 1, the Maryland FEMA US&R Team.  He teaches various technical rescue courses for the FEMA Task Force, as well as the Montgomery County Academy.   Lieutenant Mister is currently working towards a bachelor’s degree from Pennsylvania State University.

Episode 2 : PIC with Entrapment Involving A Fatality

Aire Date: October 22, 2020  1300 hrs
Presenter's: Assistant Chief Alan Butsch, Lieutenant's Berk & Cleveland

A/C Butsch is a 30 year veteran and Assistant Chief in the Montgomery County, MD Fire and Rescue Service. Among other roles in the department, Alan has been an instructor at the Fire & Rescue Training Academy since 1998, having served as the primary instructor for the Pumps program, a recruit training instructor, and a flashover instructor and safety officer. 

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