Digital Media Production Team

Fire & Rescue Training Academy
8751 Snouffer School Road, Rm. 251
Gaithersburg, Md. 20879





Production Team

Capt. Lee R. Silverman, Retired

  • Executive Producer
  • Director
  • Program Manager
  • Video Editing
  • Graphic Design
  • Live Video Productions

MFP Ian St. John

  • Actor: Voice Over
  • Producer/Director
  • Audio Editing

FF3 John Petrarca

  • Producer/Director
  • Video Editing
  • Graphic Design
  • Audio Engineering
  • Live Video Productions

FP3 Brennan Martin

  • Producer/Director
  • Video Editing
  • Live Video Productions
FF2 Ryan Roundtree
  • Producer/Director
  • Video Editing
  • Live Video Productions

FF2 James Taylor

  • Producer/Director
  • Video Editing
  • Audio Engineering
  • Live Video Productions

Current Productions

Challenges in the Street - A live program streamed via YouTube Live with viewer feedback
Boss Talk - A live program streamed via YouTube Live with viewer feedback
Command Officer Professional Development Series
Paramedic Continuing Education Series
Emergency Medical Technician Skills Series
Recruit Class Graduations
Montgomery County Poilice Graduations
Montgomery County Police Promotional Ceremony
Emergency Medical Services Awards


Our Facility and Equipment

Production Office location:  8751 Snouffer School Road, Bldg. A  Room 251
Production Studio:  8751 Snouffer School Road, Bldg A Room 252


Building the stage floor for the studio (November 2018)


Pictured: Tim Koehn, Ryand Roundtree, Brennan Martin, James Taylor

Streaming Equipment

  • Datavideo HS-1600T  Hand Carry Studio               PTC-150TL  HD PTZ Cameras (3)                               Sony HXR-MC2000N(2)

Editing Platform:  27" iMac & 15" Mac Book Pro


RC44 Graduation at the Montgomery College Silver Spring Theatre March 28, 2019

Our first production using our newly aquired Datavideo HS-1600T System: Pictured (L) Lee Silverman; (R) Ryan Roundtree & Lee SIlverman


6/5/2020   MCFRS RC47 Graduation Ceremony - Live Stream from PSTA Bldg F
pictured left to right in the pictures: Brennan, John and JT from the Engine Room (Bldg. "F")

7/14/2020   Boss Talk Episode- Live Stream from Command Competency Lab
  pictured left to right in the pictures: John, Brennan and JT

8/12/2020   MCFRS EMS Awards Ceremony - Shoot at FS32
                                        John Petrarca                   

9/23/2020   Montgomery County Police Promotion Ceremony - Live Stream from PSHQ

Vol Graduation Sept 2020


8/27/2020   CITS: Live Stream  Remote Shoot at FS15

    FF Jason Eberly presenting, Capt. B. Miller and BC K. Thomas                                        James Taylor running audio


        In the Mobile Control Room:   Brennan Martin                                                            John Petrarca

10/22/2020   Boss Talks Episode: Remote shoot at FS8

   Capt. Brady Miller & BC Thomas                                                                (L-R)  Lt. T. Cleveland, Lt. Berk , AC A. Butsch, Capt. B. Miller

   John Petrarca and Brennan Martin in the Control Room 
                 (FS8/ reserve EMS Unit or DMP727)                                                         James Taylor running Audio at FS8

11/10/2020   MBT November Episode shoot at FRTA

John Petrarca & James Taylor behind the cameras



MBT Stryker Cot Episode shoot at FRTA

Lee Silverman during Stryker video shoot production 2020

CITS: High Rise Fire Alarm Systems December 2020


Live from Room 214, production staff:  John Petrarca, Brennan Martin, James Taylor, PO3 Joseph Lowery



Studio Production:  Montgomery County Police Department Annual Awards produced by Hell's 56 Acres  December 2020



Production Team:               Videographer: PO3 Joseph Lowery         Audio Engineer:  John Petrarca & James Taylor       Floor Director: Lee R. Silverman
                                               Video Editing:  Lee R. Silverman


MCFRTA Graduation Program‚Äč