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Maryland EMT Patch

Emergency Medical Technician Class Page


Current EMT Classes and Instructors (click on name for email link)

EMT 154  Monday thru Friday Days

Lead Instructors:
Captain/Paramedic William F. Porter- Department of Fire & Rescue Services
Paramedic Greg Ruff- Upper Montgomery County VFD


EMT Internship Links

EMT Student Internship Rotation Form   

EMT eMeds Submission Form   

Maryland eMeds Elite    


Instructional Videos  for EMT Students and  the Field Training Coache (FTC) for the Internship Submisssion Process

How to submit your eMeds Report


How to submit the EMT Student Internship Rotation Form

Generally this form is submitted by the FTC for any of the EMT Internship Rotations

Helpful Links for the EMT Student with their Internship


 Handout: Using Elite for EMT Field Practice Reports                             CHART Documentation






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