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Current EMT Classes and Instructors


EMT175 Monday/Wednesday Nights and Saturday Days

Lead Instructor: Lt. Jason Stottlemyer (35-A shift),  MFF Chris Hernandez (28-B)

EMT176 Tuesday/Thursday Nights and Sunday Days

Lead Instructor(s): Capt. Michael Porter( 17-A), Capt. William F. Porter (20-B)



  MODULE 1: Foundation
1a Basic Life Support Provider - CPR
1b CPR: High Performance & MCFRS Pit Crew
2 Medical Terminology
The Human Body
Anatomy & Physiology: Life Span Development
Pronciples of Pharmacology
3 EMS Systems and Workforce Wellness
4 Crew Resource Management
5a Legal Issues and Documentation

Test 1: Foundation
  MODULE 2: Respiratory Emergencies
5b Patient Assessment : Part 1
6 Patient Assessment : Part 2
7 Airway Management
Respiratory Emergencies
8 Test 2: Respiratory Emergencies
  MODULE 3: Trauma
Trauma: Shock
Trauma: Overview
Soft Tissue Injuries
Face, Neck, Head and Spine Injuries
Orthopaedic Injuries
Environmental Emergencies
Test 3: Trauma
  MODULE 4: Cardiac Emergencies
14 Cardiovascular Emergencies
15a Stroke
15b Test 4: Cardiology

  SESSION            TOPIC

  MODULE 5: Medical Emergencies
16             Medical Overview & Infectious Diseases
17 Toxicology & Psychatric Emergencies
18a Gastrointestinal, Urologic, Immunologic and GYN emergencies (Handouts below)
- What's Abdominal Pain
- Location and Pictures of Abdominal Organs
18b Test 5: Medical Emergencies
  MODULE 6: Special Patient Populations
19 Obstetrics and Neonatal Care
20 Geriatric Emergencies and Patients with Special Populations
21 Test 6: Special Patient Populations
  Module 7: EMS Operations
Professional Issues and Communications
Rescue & Transport Operations
Test 7: EMS Operations
24 FISDAP - EMT Readiness Exam