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Current EMT Classes and Instructors


EMT 158  Monday/Wednesday Nights and Saturday Days

Lead Instructor: Capt. Sunny Raspet (KVFD) and FP3 Andrew Stolinski (DFRS)

EMT 159  Tuesday/Thursday Nights and Sunday Days

Lead Instructor: MFF. Chris Hernandez (DFRS 28-B) and Instructor Audrey Deputy

EMT 162 Tuesday/Thursday Nights and Sunday Days

Lead Instructor:  Capt. Lee R. Silverman (FRTA Day)


EMT Internship Links

EMT Student Internship Rotation Form  (EMT 157, 158, 159, 162) 

EMT eMeds Submission Form (EMT 157, 158, 159, 162)

Maryland eMeds Elite

Instructional Videos  for EMT Students and  the Field Training Coache (FTC) for the Internship Submisssion Process

How to submit your Internship Rotation Evaluations

Generally this form is submitted by the FTC for any of the EMT Internship Rotations

How to Submit an eMEDS Report

Helpful Links for the EMT Student with their Internship

Handout: Using Elite for EMT Field Practice Reports CHART Documentation

NEW PASSWORD FOR eMEDS Elite (effective 6/9/2020)     27PSTAPW!


  MODULE 1: Foundation
1a Basic Life Support Provider - CPR
1b CPR: High Performance & MCFRS Pit Crew
2 Medical Terminology
The Human Body
Anatomy & Physiology: Life Span Development
Pronciples of Pharmacology
3 EMS Systems and Workforce Wellness
4 Crew Resource Management
5a Legal Issues and Documentation

Test 1: Foundation
  MODULE 2: Respiratory Emergencies
5b Patient Assessment : Part 1
6 Patient Assessment : Part 2
7 Airway Management
Respiratory Emergencies
8 Test 2: Respiratory Emergencies
  MODULE 3: Trauma
Trauma: Shock
Trauma: Overview
Soft Tissue Injuries
Face, Neck, Head and Spine Injuries
Orthopaedic Injuries
Environmental Emergencies
Test 3: Trauma
  MODULE 4: Cardiac Emergencies
14 Cardiovascular Emergencies
15a Stroke
15b Test 4: Cardiology

  SESSION            TOPIC

  MODULE 5: Medical Emergencie
16             Medical Overview & Infectious Diseases
17 Toxicology & Psychatric Emergencies
18a Gastrointestinal, Urologic, Immunologic and GYN emergencies (Handouts below)
- What's Abdominal Pain
- Location and Pictures of Abdominal Organs
18b Test 5: Medical Emergencies
  MODULE 6: Special Patient Populations
19 Obstetrics and Neonatal Care
20 Geriatric Emergencies and Patients with Special Populations
21 Test 6: Special Patient Populations
  Module 7: EMS Operations
Professional Issues and Communications
Rescue & Transport Operations
Test 7: EMS Operations
24 FISDAP - EMT Readiness Exam