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Montgomery County Maryland Office of Human Resources
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Alternative Community Service
The Montgomery County Alternative Community Services Program is a criminal justice diversion program for adult offenders who have committed offenses and infractions against individuals or the community and who perform community services as a sanction. 
Alternative Community Service

Americans with Disabilities Act ADA information for Montgomery County Employees

Alternative Dispute Resolution The process for handling employee grievances. See MCGEOAgreement ARTICLE 10 GRIEVANCES, Section 10.14

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County Administrative Officer
“The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is appointed by and reports to the County Executive.  The CAO supervises all departments and offices of the Executive Branch and also advises the County Executive on administrative matters.  The CAO coordinates management review and decision-making on policies, programs, plans, budgets, legislation, regulations, and similar matters.”  County Administrative Officer


County Cable  Montgomery County Cable
Is the local cable station to turn to for local government news, public affairs programming, live Council sessions and County Executive press conferences.


Capital Budget/Capital Improvements Program
In November 1996, Montgomery County voters endorsed the amendment of the County Charter to provide for a biennial, or once-every-two years, Capital Improvements Program. For more information see Capital Improvements Program


County Executive
The County Executive’s Office is located on the second floor of the Executive Office Building. County Executive's Office


Stella Werner, Council Office Building
Located at 100 Maryland Avenue in Rockville, this building houses several Montgomery County Offices.  For a map and directory of Montgomery County offices located in Rockville, see Rockville Core Map
Located next door is the COB Parking Facility.

CountyStat is a component of Montgomery County’s results-based accountability system that promotes a culture of ‘managing for results’, while addressing one of the County’s priority objectives…” through a technology-enabled process to identify and resolve issues in a systematic way.  CountyStat Home


Community Use of Public Facilities
This office coordinates the public use of meeting rooms located in public facilities like libraries and schools.  Community Use of Public Facilities Homepage  To schedule facilities go to the CUPF On-line Resource Center http://icbweb/

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Disruptive Behavior Orders
There is a link from the Employee Services Page of the County Intranet to the Police - Division of Security Services. Included in the section are links to the law, guidelines and sample forms regarding disruptive behavior.  Employee Services

Disruptive Behavior Department Guidelines
Disruptive Behavior Order


Desktop Computer Modernization
Desktop Computer Modernization is a centralized program for the planning, acquisition, asset management, and support services associated with desktop computers.  DCM is a part of the Division of Technology Services.   Desktop Computer Modernization


Department of Environmental Protection
This Department includes trash and recycling, air quality, noise control and many other environmentally related functions.
Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection Homepage


Discontinued Service Retirementhttp://Discontinued Service Retirement


Department of Technology ServicesDTS Intranet

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Employee Assistance Program
Beginning January 2009, our EAP contractor is Business Health Services.  Business Health Services has established a web portal to their website.  To access this portal, please go to the following link:  In the Username box, type in MCG (you must use all capital letters) and hit Enter.
EAP Information Sheet


Executive Office Building
Located at 101 Monroe Street in Rockville, this building houses many Montgomery county offices.  Notably, The County Executive’s suite is on the second floor, the Office of Human Resources is on the seventh floor.  For a map and directory of Montgomery County offices located in Rockville, see Rockville Core Map


Montgomery County Intranet
Use your systems User Name and Password to log-in here Single Sign On Page to access MCTime, Employee Self-Service, and Manager Self-Service. 


Enterprise Resource Planning   
Transforming the way Montgomery County serves its residents and customers by setting
new standards for how government operates is the vision that drives the new Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) initiative.  This project will provide “an enterprise-wide solution for Montgomery County and our Customers” and will have lasting benefits for Montgomery County and its constituents. Transform MCG-Enterprise Resources Planning
ERP Glossary

eVents Calendar
This interactive calendar for Montgomery County has information about events and activities.   Webevent

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Fiscal Year
Montgomery County’s fiscal year begins on July 1 and runs trough June 30 of the next calendar year.  For example, FY13 begins on July 1, 2012 and will end on June 30, 2013.

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IT Help

County IT Help Desk
IT Help provides all County employees a single point of contact to report problems and service requests for all Information Technology issues.  Problem resolution and services are provided through collaborative efforts of DTS and your Departmental IT support staff.  (See SHIP)

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Limited English Proficiency 
Refers to the foreign-born population with Limited English Proficiency.  Language Access Policy.

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Maximum Agency Request Ceiling                 Budget Prep Manual


Montgomery County Government        MCGov Employee Intranet Portal


Montgomery County Personnel Regulations   Montgomery County Personnel Regulations (MCPR)


Montgomery County Customer Service
MC311 provides residents with responses to non-emergency requests for Government services three ways:  (1)  a single, one-stop shopping telephone number (3-1-1) that connects callers to a call center (2) a searchable database of answers to frequently asked questions; (3) an option to send an email service request.   MC311


Montgomery County Timekeeping System
Pronounced “em-cee time”, this is a web based application used for recording time and attendance.  MCTIME will take you to FAQ’s about the system, and a link to access MCTime.


Montgomery County- Maryland National Capital Park and Planning Commission
The five-member Montgomery County Planning Board, part of The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, works to maintain and improve quality of life in our community by acting upon such issues as growth, transportation, environmental protection, agriculture, historical preservation and forest conservation.


Montgomery County Public Schools
“Montgomery County's school system, located in the Washington D.C. suburbs, is the 16th largest in the United States.”

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Office of Human Resources       Human Resources

OIG Fraud Hotline

Office of the Inspector General Fraud Hotline
Report Fraud, Waste or Abuse; Contact the OIG Fraud Hotline 1-800-971-6059 Toll-Free, 24 hrs, 7 days a week or email
County employees and contractors may anonymously report improper or illegal activities.  The Montgomery County Office of Inspector General (OIG) oversees the hotline.


Office of Management and Budget
The portal has information about budget preparation.   Office of Management & Budget


Occupational Medicine Service 
This link has forms and good information about specific OMS functions, including fitness for duty, drug and alcohol testing, light duty and reasonable accommodations.
OMS Information

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Purchasing Card
The Purchasing Card is a JPMorgan Chase Bank issued Master Card credit card and it works just like a personal credit card, except Montgomery County Maryland pays all charges.
charges.   See the Policy and Procedural Manual:  P-Card Information


Public Information Office
The office’s mission is to, “Provide timely, accurate and effective communication with the public, the County Executive, departments and agencies, media, County employees, the County Council and other elected officials, businesses, civic groups and every other segment of the Montgomery County community through the mass media, Internet, publications and graphics, and cable television programming.”   Public Information Office


Public Service Program

County Executive's Operating Budget/Public Service Program.  The Operating Budget or Public Service Program follows the fiscal year.     Operating Budget


Performance Planning and Evaluation   Performance Planning and Evaluation forms

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Quarterly Leadership Forum   Quarterly Leadership Forum

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Rockville Core
Area of downtown Rockville where the major County Government offices are located.  See the map for details.


Reduction in Force
Montgomery County Personnel Regulations (MCPR)   Code Section   RIF FAQ's


Request for Proposal
A “boilerplate” form to create a Request for Proposal  RFP Template

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Self Help Information Portal


Single Sign On
Allows employees to use one ID and password to access the county network, intranet, and other system.  A description of the award winning concept is available at Single Sign On

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Transform MCG
There are three Initiatives identified with TransformMCG to create a More Responsive & Accountable Montgomery County Government.  Includes MCtime, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and MC311   Transform MCG

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Web Content Managers Group
This is the Montgomery County Government’s webmaster group.  They have a blog with information about their meetings and work.  Web Content Managers Blog

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