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  1. Does Montgomery County have an “open season” for employees to make changes in their benefit choices?
    Yes, there is an annual open enrollment period each fall.  The Office of Human Resources publicizes the dates.  Employees may make changes electronically or by mail.  Changes are effective at the beginning of the calendar year.
  2. An employee asked me about adding dependents to his benefits.  How can he do that?
    There’s an information sheet covering this topic in the OHR Resource Library called Change in Status
    Other information about these changes is located in the Resource Library, too.  Dependents and Changes
Budget Process
  1. What is our fiscal year?
    Montgomery County’s fiscal year runs from July 1 through June 30.  July 2013 begins FY13.  More information about the budget process can be found at Office of Management and Budget
  2. What is Results Based Budgeting?
    There is an excellent explanation in this training PowerPoint.
    Results Based Budgeting Training
Customer Service
  1. Does Montgomery County have standards or expectations relating to customer service?
    The Office of the County Executive posted these customer service standards on its homepage. County Executive Customer Service
  2. We have a disruptive customer who returns to our facility almost daily. He is disrupting the flow of business and bothering our other customers.  Yesterday a staff member called the police.  Is there anything else we can do?
    There are several disruptive behavior links shown under Police- Division of Security Services on this page, Services
  3. We often have customers whose first language is not English.  Does Montgomery County offer any interpretation or translation services?
    There are a number of different kinds of services available to support staff and assist customers.  See, Limited English Proficiency
Employees Assistance Program (EAP)
  1. An employee just called me and said she is having difficulty coping with a family situation.  What can I do?
    You can suggest that the employee contact EAP for confidential, any time, real time counseling.  The telephone number is Toll free: 1-800-327-2251.
  2. What is the Employees Assistance Program?
    Everyone experiences personal problems occasionally.  The EAP provides confidential assistance and convenient, cost-free resources to help effectively address such issues before they interfere with personal wellness, professional obligations and overall work performance.  This HR Bulletin describes the current EAP program.  EAP Bulletin
    The Employees Assistance Program contractor is Business Health Services.  Their webpage offers a wealth of information for employees and supervisors covering work related and personal topics.  Our user code is MCG (you must use all capital letters).
  3. What kinds of services are offered?
    In addition to a hotline and counseling, EAP offers in person and online training, and periodic newsletters for both employees and staff.  The newsletters are posted in the OHR Resource Library.  EAP Newsletters
Employee Evaluations
  1. What are Performance Evaluations?
    Formal performance evaluations are completed at least annually for all Montgomery County. There is a guide describing the process Performance Management Guide.
    Each Bargaining Agreement Also has a section.
    IAFF Labor Agreement 2008-2011
    Article 59 - Individual Performance Planning and Assessment
    FOP Labor Agreement 2007-2010
    Article 53 - Performance Evaluation
    MCGEO Labor Agreement 2007-2010
  2. How do I know what forms to use for which employees? 
    This chart may help. Performance Plan Type Chart
  3. How do I use the Performance Management Appraisal Function in MSS (Manager Self-Service)?
    This link provides you with a tutorial for using MSS.  Manager Self-Service UPK
Injury and Accident Reporting
  1. An employee fell and scraped his elbow.  What do I need to do?
    The Department of Finance’s Risk Management page offers comprehensive information about handling employee injuries, including telephone numbers and links to forms.
  2.  A customer fell.  What do I need to do?
    The Department of Finance’s Risk Management page offers comprehensive information about handling customer injuries, including telephone numbers and links to forms.  (Scroll to the bottom of the page.)
Labor-Management Relations
  1. What are the differences between represented and non-represented employees? 
    This section gives information about job classes and union representation.  Union Representation
  2. What is a bargaining unit?
    See, Basic Facts about Unions Union Info
  1. I am supervising a bargaining unit employee who I think may be abusing sick leave.  Where can I find help?
    Checking the appropriate bargaining unit agreement is a good place to start.
  2. What is liberal leave?
    See MCPR Section 15-6:  General emergency; liberal leave period; modified liberal leave period
Quarterly Leadership Forum
  1. What is the Quarterly Leadership Forum?  Who is expected to go?  When are they and where is the calendar of events for it?
    The Quarterly Leadership Forum provides an opportunity for discussion and professional development among County managers, the County Executive and the Chief Administrative Officer.  QLF Index
Recruiting, Selecting and Hiring Employees
  1. I took the training to serve on interview panels.  I have to select a new employee.  Where do I start?
    Montgomery County currently uses Oracle software to view and screen applicant files.  OHR will give you access to the appropriate files.   This link gives additional instructions. iRecruitment
  2. Where can I find the forms discussed at the training.
    The Resource Library has copies of necessary forms and guidelines.  Recruitment & Selection
Technology:  Telephones, Email and Passwords
  1. One of the employees in my unit uses his county Outlook email account to share jokes.  Another employee complained.  Does Montgomery County have a policy about this?
    The email policy can be found at Email Policies
    Also, consider the content of the forwarded material.  Is it offensive?  See Resource Library Sexual1, or call your HR liaison.
  2. Help!  I forgot my password.  Is there a way to reset my password when the Help Desk is not available?
    Try Password Station, a self-service password reset utility that you can access from anywhere.  Enrollment is easy and requires just a few moments.  Go here to enroll, Password Reset
  3. How do I use my telephone?  How do I transfer calls, or make a conference call?
    There is a one-page guide with a link to ask questions, Phone Instructions
  4. How does voicemail work:
    A one-page guide to the Voicemail system can be found here, Voicemail Instructions.
  5. Are there any “cheat sheets” available for the software on my computer.
    YES!  See, Software Resources.  There are guides for many versions of Microsoft Office and other applications.
  1. What kind of development opportunities does Montgomery County Government offer?  How do I find out about these opportunities?
    A good place to start is from the Training Tab on the Office of Human Resource’s Resource Library page.  Resource Library
  2. How do I register for a class?
    Follow this link from the OHR Resource Library Page:  Training Registration and Management  You will be taken to the Single Sign-On Page.  Sign in using your email user name and password and select Training and Registration Management.
  3. During a progress discussion, an employee told me of an interest in being a supervisor.  Is there a recommended training track for my employee?
    Yes, there are several different training tracks, including one designed to develop supervisory skills.  The training catalog lists these.  Training Catalog Information
  4. How do I find out if an employee I supervise registered for or attended a training class?
    Follow this link from the OHR Resource Library Page:  Training Registration and Management  You will be taken to the Single Sign-On Page, Sign in using your email user name and password and select Training and Registration Management.
    Follow the link called “Direct Reports.”
  5. I would like to take college level courses.  Does Montgomery County participate in any tuition reimbursement programs?
    See the comprehensive guide posted in the OHR Resource Library.  Montgomery County Tuition Assistance
    To apply for Tuition Assistance, follow this link from the OHR Resource Library Page:  Training Registration and Management.  You will be taken to the Single Sign-On Page
    Sign in using your email user name and password and select Tuition Assistance Program.
  1. What is TransformMCG?
    Transform MCG is a comprehensive set of initiatives to transform the way Montgomery County does business.  These initiatives -- Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (MC311) and MCTime-- are the cornerstones of this transformation.  They will enable us to deliver improved responsiveness to customers and improved operational efficiency. 
    See:  Transform MCG Index
    There is also a PowerPoint presentation from the Quarterly Leadership Forum about Transform MCG.  Transform_MCG.ppt#9
  2. What kinds of projects are involved in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?
    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) focuses on the internal processes of County government.  These processes include time and attendance (MCTime), budgeting, procurement, fleet and facility maintenance.  Link to Oracle E-business
  3. What is MCtime?
    MCtime is Montgomery County’s new automated time and attendance reporting system.  The web-based system allows employees and supervisors to log on to the system using Single Sign-on from any internet PC.  This is a phase-in project; Departments are being added in groups.  MCtime’s home page has useful information and links to FAQ’s and training materials.  MCtime
Working for Montgomery County
  1. When is payday?  When is the next holiday?
    Every year Overtimes, the bimonthly electronic employee newsletter, publishes a payday calendar.  The link for the current calendar is Payroll/Holiday Calendar
  2. How do I get a pay stub?
    Log-on to the County e-Portal and open the Employee Self Service (ESS) Link.  How can I tell what everything means?
    See the guide posted by OHR:  Payroll Advice Explained
  3. How do I get a badge?  When and where must I wear it?
    Information about getting and wearing your Montgomery County identification badge are located at County Security
  4. An employee needs an employment verification letter.  Is there a quick way to get one?
    The employee can use Employee Self Service to request an employment verification letter.  Go to the County e-Portal and sign in.  Then open Employee Self Service (ESS) and select MCG-OHR Employee Self Service under Navigator.
  5. I heard that employees could get discounts at Recreation Centers.  Is that true?
    Yes, employees are offered discounts for some Recreation Department programs and services.  Recreation Program Discounts
  6. Is there an organizational chart for Montgomery County Government?
    Yes, there’s one posted on the County’s website.  About Government - orgchart
  7. What is the Rewarding Excellence/Gainsharing program?
    Rewarding Excellence/Gain sharing is a team-based bonus award program. Front-line employees form teams that represent their departments. When these teams research, present to the Review Panel, and implement solutions with documented savings, teams share a portion of the documented savings. See Gainsharing for guidelines and information.


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