Current Work and Initiatives

Training & Development

The ORESJ has been engaging department Equity Leads – staff who were selected by department leadership to steward their department’s Racial Equity work – in various training activities. These learning exchanges have focused on (a) developing shared knowledge of foundational race-equity concepts and an understanding of the history of racism and (b) building capacity to lead Racial Equity and Social Justice Core Teams through race equity discussions and activities to assess and develop policies, practices, and processes that create equitable and fair outcomes for communities. Equity Leads also participate in 1:1 coaching sessions with our office to receive guidance on launching their Core Teams and navigating organizational barriers to change. These trainings and coaching sessions are ongoing as new equity leads are on-boarded, and as departments launch Core Teams. So far, about 35 Equity Leads across 30 departments have participated in trainings thus far.

Equity Lead Trainings have included:


Director Trainings

In an effort to bring department directors together to learn, engage with one another, and connect on progress towards moving race equity forward as equity minded leaders of their respective departments, directors have also participated in the two-day Racial Equity Institute Phase I Workshop and follow-up debrief sessions, facilitated by Leadership Montgomery.

General Staff Trainings

In an effort to continue to normalize conversations on race across the county, the department successfully launched ‘Racial Equity Learning Labs for Staff’ – a training series for all staff who seek to learn, engage, and deepen their understanding of systemic racism – historically and currently. In 2021, the series kicked off with two available sessions – ‘Advancing Racial Equity: The Role of Government’ and ‘The Groundwater Approach: Building a Practical Understanding of Structural Racism’. The ‘Advancing Racial Equity’ workshop is a 4-hour training facilitated by ORESJ staff, repeated monthly, while the ‘Groundwater’ training course is a 3-hour session taught by facilitators from the Racial Equity Institute (REI). To enroll, please see information under current training offerings below.

Additional Training Offerings

In the coming year(s), the office will expand the RELL training series by offering staff trainings that have been identified as necessary to promote and encourage culture shifts towards equity. Training topics might include:

  • White dominant culture norms and their effect on inclusiveness (culture and climate)
  • Understanding and engaging communities most effected by racism (community engagement)
  • Identifying interpersonal barriers to moving beyond racism (implicit bias; microaggressions)


If you are an employee and would like to participate in a current training being offered by our department, please enroll via Oracle (see specific instructions for enrolling in each training by clicking the links below). If you have any questions about any of our training offerings, please contact Tiffany Ward at

Current Training Offerings:

Advancing Racial Equity: The Role of Government

The Groundwater Approach: Building a Practical Understanding of Structural Racism