Current Work and Initiatives

The Office of Racial Equity and Social Justice is proud to be in the process of training 30 Racial Equity Leads from across County Departments. Racial Equity Leads are leaders who facilitate race equity conversations with RESJ Core Team members across all departments, while leading their teams through the development and implementation of Racial Equity Action plans - ultimately shifting department culture and practices to be equitable, fair, and just.

The trainings – called Racial Equity Learning Labs (RELL) - aim to increase staff's foundational knowledge of varying types of racism, deepen discussions on dismantling race inequities, and build capacity in using racial equity tools that are essential to advancing race equity across department's policies, programs, and practices - creating a fair and just Montgomery County Government. The foundational training is a 2-day workshop conducted by the Racial Equity Institute based in Greensboro, North Carolina. Designed to develop the capacity of participants to better understand racism in its institutional and structural forms, this workshop launches the process of normalizing conversations around race, advantage, disadvantage, and equity, while creating a shared understanding of why we lead with race.

Ongoing trainings include monthly practice sessions focused on building foundational understanding of race equity and strengthening leads’ capacity to facilitate discussions on race with Core Teams. Looking ahead, continued support includes monthly coaching sessions and cohort meetings focused on discussing, analyzing, and assessing current policies, practices, and procedures through a race-equity lens. ORESJ is working on developing toolkit resources and other supporting materials and activities to assist equity leads through this process, while working with departments to launch RESJ Core Teams across the county.

Please check back for updates on activities and initiatives as we build out our program across the county.