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Community Outreach Forum

One of the most important functions of the Office of Community Partnerships focuses on the collaborative work across various County departments and agencies. Beginning in 2003, former-County Executive Doug Duncan's Office of Community Outreach established the Community Outreach Forum, consisting of County department representatives. Through monthly meetings, members work to provide coordinated outreach services to all county residents. Representatives from related governmental entities, including the County Council, Montgomery County District Congressional Offices, and nonprofit agencies also participate in the Forum. Working together to address pertinent community issues, Forum members share timely information about community concerns, collaborate on responses to issues identified as priorities by county residents and maximize the use of County resources.

The members of the Community Outreach Forum represent the diversity of Montgomery County and bring a clear understanding of the county and their respective departments to the Forum. The members are able to articulately represent the stated policies and procedures of Montgomery County to the community and to collaborate with other County departments, non-county governmental entities, and private non-profit organizations in creating partnerships to cosponsor events to celebrate the rich diversity of Montgomery County.

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We encourage anyone wishing to serve on the Community Outreach Forum to contact us.

Click here for a list of members.