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Government Representation

Find out who represents you!
Please review the information below to see how you are represented in the Montgomery County and Maryland State governments.

Regional Service Centers

State Legislature

County Council


Montgomery County’s Regional Services Centers

Montgomery County’s Regional Services Centers are as follows: Upcounty, Mid-County, Silver Spring, Bethesda/Chevy Chase, and East County, and five satellite offices.

Some of the Center’s services are:

  • Linking the County and its residents and businesses by working with individuals, community groups, regional Citizens Advisory Boards, and other public agencies.
  • Providing information, identifying and assessing regional problems and issues, and recommending and/or implementing solutions.
  • Promoting a sense of community through their sponsorship of, or participation in, special community events.

Click here to find your Regional Services Center.

Montgomery County Council

The Montgomery County Council is the legislative branch of County Government. It has nine members, all elected at the same time by the voters of Montgomery County for four-year terms.

Some of the Council’s responsibilities are:

  • Appropriating money to fund the capital and operating budgets and sets the local property tax rate and other local taxes.
  • Approving all land use plans including the General Plan, area master plans, and sector plans prepared by the Planning Board.
  • Exercising oversight over County programs to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Serving as the Board of Health for Montgomery County.
  • Confirming major appointments made by the County Executive and appoints the members of the Montgomery County Planning Board and the Board of Appeals.

Click here to find your county council member and district.

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Maryland State Legislature

The Maryland General Assembly is the legislative branch of the Maryland state government.  It meets in Annapolis. The General Assembly has 47 Senators and 141 Delegates elected from 47 districts.

Some of the Legislature’s responsibilities are:

  • Acting on more than 2300 bills.
  • Approving the States annual budget.
  • Establishing executive offices.
  • Proposing state constitutional amendments.

Click here to find your state legislative representatives and district.



Visit the Montgomery County Board of Elections website to find out how to register to vote.

Visit the US Citizenship and Immigration Services website to learn about US citizenship.