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Administrative Hearing Board

Internal investigations into allegations of police officer misconduct that can lead to disciplinary action, demotion, or dismissal, must be conducted in accordance with state law and the Law Enforcement Officer’s Bill of Rights (LEOBR), Sections 3-101 through 3-112 of the Public Safety Article, Annotated Code of Maryland.  The LEOBR applies only to sworn agency personnel (police officers).  Internal discipline is separate from punishment that a police officer may face as a result of a criminal charge.

When an Internal Affairs investigation results in a finding that an officer has engaged in misconduct by violating a law or a MCPD rule, policy, or procedure, that officer is subject to discipline.  A police officer can request to be heard before an Administrative Hearing Board if he/she disputes the findings of a MCPD Internal Affairs investigation and/or the recommended discipline.

In accordance with the Annotated Code of Maryland, Public Safety Article, Section 3-107 (e)(1)(ii), “the [Administrative] hearing shall be open to the public, unless the Chief finds a hearing must be closed for good cause, including to protect a confidential informant, an undercover officer, or a child witness.”


Administrative Hearing Board Schedule

Internal Affairs Case Number Scheduled Date of Hearing Time
no currently scheduled hearing boards    


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