The Autism, Intellectual, Developmental Disabilities (IDD) and Alzheimer's Outreach Program is committed to educating and bringing awareness of Alzheimer’s, Autism, intellectual disabilities, and Down Syndrome to the community and to officers, while also providing resources to loved ones of those with one of these conditions.

Individuals with medical conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, Autism, and Down Syndrome have a propensity to wander.  As police officers, we are often called to a home or area to assist a caregiver with locating a person who has wandered.  On average, the Montgomery County Police Department investigates two missing (wandering) Autistic children cases per week.  The department recognizes that caregivers of loved ones with these disorders have a huge responsibility.

The Autism, Intellectual, Developmental Disabilities and Alzheimer's Outreach Unit has created a layered approach to Autism /IDD awareness and the needs of people with Alzheimer's through education, outreach, follow up, empowerment, and response.


A caregiver/parent can take steps to prevent wandering and can make preparations in case their loved one does wander:

  • Make every effort to make it difficult for your loved one to wander.  Install an alarm if possible.

  • Reach out to neighbors for support.  Examples of neighbor letters can be found below.

  • Create a 9-1-1-script– information that will be helpful to emergency responders should your child wander. Include a Google map of the area showing bodies of water. Do not hesitate to tell officers about the dangers of drowning. An example of a 9-1-1 script can be found below.

  • Make sure the loved one has identification on them at all times.

  • Take a full-length photo and head-shot of your loved one.  Store the photos electronically so that if the person wanders, the photos can be sent to law enforcement quickly.

  • Call 9-1-1 immediately if your loved one has wandered so that police can respond.


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For more information and/or assistance, please contact:

Officer Laurie Reyes at 240-773-6525 or via email  (