Local Business Subcontracting Program (LBSP)

In an effort to increase the participation of local businesses in certain large County procurement contracts. The County established a subcontracting goal for local businesses in procurement contracts with an estimated value to exceed $10 million.

Local Small Business subcontracting goals:

(1) at least 10% of the contract dollars awarded for each High Dollar Value Contract should be awarded to a Local Business; and

(2) at least 10% of the total dollar value of all High Dollar Value Contracts in the aggregate should be awarded to Local Businesses.

High Dollar Value Contract means an initial Contract Award that is estimated to exceed $10 million.

To qualify, the business must have its principal place of business in Montgomery County defined as follows:

· The business has its physical business location(s) only in Montgomery County; or

· The business has physical business locations both in and outside of the County, but the County-based location(s) accounts for over 50% of the business's total number of employees, or over 50% of the business's gross sales.

For more information, contact:

Michael Brown 
Local Business Program Manager
Division of Business Relations and Compliance
Montgomery County