Contract Compliance

The Division of Business Relations and Compliance is responsible for implementing programs and strategies that expand contracting opportunities for Minority-, Female- and Disabled-Owned Businesses (MFD) and Local Small Business Reserve Program (LSBRP) vendors in Montgomery County. DBRC also administers the Wage Requirements Law and Prevailing Wage Law to ensure that the County's contractors provide equitable benefits and a livable wage for contracted workers. Through legislation, innovative contracting procedures and oversight, DBRC strives to promote a vibrant business environment to foster sustained business growth and job creation.


Wage Requirements


The Wage Requirement Law Program ensures workers on County funded projects receive livable wages.

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Prevailing Wage


The Prevailing Wage Law requires that prevailing wage be paid to workers on County financed construction contracts.

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Local Small
Business Reserve Program (LSBRP)


LSBRP ensures that County departments award 20% of their procurements for goods and services to registered local, small businesses.

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Minority, Female & Disabled Owned Business Program


Building a strong and vibrant economy through diversity.


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