People helping others during COVID

COVID Corps is a summer employment program that creates a pathway between service and recovery for County residents ages 16-23. Members of the COVID Corps, coached by Montgomery County Recreation staff, will be deployed to work throughout the County supporting its response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Work With Us

Young people social distancing during COVID

Montgomery County is looking to quickly hire, generate and deploy young people to support the County’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the preparation for economic recovery and return to work. Montgomery County will provide everything that is needed for a crew’s success including adult mentors and coaches for supervision, guidance, and training.

Due to an overwhelming number of responses received, we are no longer accepting applications at this time.

The hourly rate for these positions is $14 per hour. All selected candidates must successfully pass a criminal background investigation, which will include state, federal and sexual offender background checks.

Training Provided

All participants will take part in job readiness training as well as ongoing skill-building, safety protocols, workshops, financial literacy training and a variety of career building internships as part of the program. Participants will also receive instruction in resume writing, office etiquette, customer service, professionalism, safety on the job, teamwork and excellence in the workplace.

How To Apply

About COVID Corps

COVID-19 Corps is a key component of the County’s economic development and recovery plan for youth. Young people in the county are in critical need to find job preparation skills and employment opportunities in order to help to support their families and their own living expenses. Due to the high unemployment rate and program shutdowns, there will be very few opportunities for young people this summer. COVID Corps is a unique approach to economic recovery, recognizing young people as resources to help address the County’s pressing issues.

Young person assisting someone during COVID

Young person assisting someone during COVID
Young person assisting someone during COVID
Available positions in the COVID Corps include:
  • Food Security including but not limited to supporting County, MCPS and other food serving organizations package, distribute and deliver meals to vulnerable populations;
  • Community Outreach and Multi-lingual Customer Service assistance to Montgomery County non-profits in need;
  • Tech Connect teaching and mentoring seniors how to use technology and online resources and opportunities to stay connected;
  • Operational Recovery assisting County departments prepare for employee’s return to work through inventorying, sanitizing of vehicles, installation of social distancing signage, reconfiguring spaces as well as serving as greeters and counters; and
  • Special Projects in which crews can respond quickly to urgent eligible project requests from County non-profits and County agencies.