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Accessibility: Alternative Formats

Some of the files on this page (such as PDF files) require a viewer or "plug-in" to open or view. These plug-ins are very common, so it is likely they are already on your computer. If not, you may need to install a particular plug-in on your computer to view some of the files on this site.

Please visit Download Plug-ins to download any software plug-ins you may need.

Please submit alternative format requests to the ADA Compliance Manager. The ADA Compliance Manager can be reached at 240-777-6197 (TTY 240-777-6196) or at

  • Contact information of the person requesting the alternative format (phone, email, first name, last name)
  • The Web Address (URL) of the web page(s) which contain the requested information
  • The nature of the accessibility need
  • Preferred alternative format type (i.e. audio presentation, text file, large print, voice call back, etc…)
  • Preferred medium (i.e. regular mail, email attachment, text message, fax, phone call, etc…)
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