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after school programs
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Afterschool Programs
In the old days, an afterschool program meant you rushed home to do chores and finish your homework before dinner. But the Great Child Labor Rebellion of 1969 occurred and kids simply refused to leave school. It was a public relations mess. The solution was—ta da!—“afterschool” programs for clubs, sports, movies, band, arts and crafts and all sorts of “fun” stuff. Genius.
Afterschool Information

Sports Academies

Join your friends for afterschool fun. Basketball, soccer, and special events keep teens connected during out-of-school hours. Homework help is also available.

Sports Academy Programs are located at Blair, Einstein, Paint Branch, Wheaton and Springbrook Montgomery County High Schools.

RecExtra…..for Middle Schools

Not ready for the day to end? Need a little more time with your friends? RecExtra, available at a limited number of Montgomery County middle schools, offers sports, arts, babysitting instruction, step dance and other fun, engaging activities. Check with your school's afterschool activities coordinator for more information.