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February 13, 2012

For more information, contact:  John J. McCarthy, (240) 777-7390

Seth Zucker, Communications Director, (240) 777-7345


John J. McCarthy, State’s Attorney for Montgomery County, announced that Keith Little, of Lanham , Maryland, was sentenced today to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole by the Honorable Marielsa Bernard, Circuit Court, Montgomery County, Maryland. Little was convicted of First Degree Murder by a Montgomery County jury on December 15, 2011, following an eight day trial. At sentencing, the State requested the Court impose a sentence of Life Imprisonment with Parole.

On December 31, 2010, Roosevelt Brockington, Jr. attended midnight mass at St. John Church of God, in Washington, DC where he served as a Deacon.  Mr. Brockington left St. John Church just after 3:00 a.m. on January 1, 2011 to go to Suburban Hospital, where he was employed as a boiler room engineer. Between, 10:00 a.m. and 10:28 a.m. the Defendant, who worked for Mr. Brockington at Suburban, entered Mr. Brockington’s office while he was on the telephone and began to stab him. There were no defensive wounds, and Mr. Brockington did not have a chance to defend himself.  In total, the Defendant stabbed Mr. Brockington over 70 times, including several to the neck that severed major arteries. For the final blow, the Defendant plunged the knife into the victim’s neck. The knife was still imbedded in Mr. Brockington’s neck when he was found by hospital security officers.  He was 40 years old.

Subsequent police investigation revealed that Keith Little told people he was going to "get" the victim. Little was angry, because in 2009, Mr. Brockington had changed the defendant’s work schedule, which cost him a second high paying job.  In addition, Mr. Brockington had given the Defendant poor scores on his annual job evaluation reports for both 2009 and 2010 for the Defendant’s consistent tardiness. 

Four days after the murder, Keith Little was observed by a co-worker running scalding, chemically treated water from a piece of equipment into a bucket containing a pair of gloves and a black knit hat with eyeholes cut into it, creating a home-made mask.  When caught by his co-worker, the Defendant attempted to hide the gloves and hat dumping them into a trash cart.  He later moved them from the trash cart to another trash receptacle in a separate room where he attempted to hide the items under other trash. 

The State attempted to introduce evidence that the Defendant had bragged about killing another individual under similar circumstances.  The State presented evidence at a motions hearing that in 2003 the Defendant had gotten into an argument with a co-worker and killed him. The Defendant was tried in Washington D.C. for that murder and acquitted. However, the State was able to locate a witness who testified at the hearing that the Defendant had admitted to him to having committed the murder. Ultimately, this evidence was excluded from the trial.

This outcome represents a tremendous victory for the people of Montgomery County" McCarthy said in reaction to the sentencing. "This defendant was an extremely dangerous man who is an admitted killer. This was an extremely difficult case to prosecute, and the sentence that was imposed today will ensure that this killer never is free in our community again."

In making his announcement, McCarthy thanked Assistant State’s Attorneys George Simms and Robert Hill for the prosecution of the case. McCarthy also thanked the Montgomery County Police for the investigation and arrest of the defendant.


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