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Teen Court

Teen Court is a diversion program offered to first time juvenile offenders in which they admit to their involvement in the offense and agree to have their case heard before a peer jury of Teen Court student volunteers in a court setting. The judges, which include Circuit, District, and Special Appeals judges, volunteer their time and are present to answer legal questions and set the tone for the courtroom.

Using Teen Court guidelines, the jury decides the appropriate disposition which includes mandatory community service hours, appropriate educational programs, and may include essays, apology letters, or Teen Court jury duties. If the juvenile offender (respondent) completes the assigned disposition within 60 days, the original charge is dismissed and will not appear in the juvenile's record.

Student Volunteer Information

Teen Court is open to all high school students residing in Montgomery County. The program is run in semester sessions – Spring (January to May), Summer (June – August), Fall (September – December) – and an open application period is held in the month prior to start of the next semester session.  Volunteers must commit to attending Teen Court on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month from 4:30P – 7:30P at the Circuit Courthouse in Rockville during the semester. Volunteers must also agree to abide by the Teen Court Code of Conduct and Confidentiality Agreement included in the volunteer application packet.

The current 2019 Spring Session for Teen Court is closed for new applicants. Our next semester session will be the 2019 Summer Teen Court (June - August)). We will hold an open application period for all high school students residing in Montgomery County for the 2019 Summer Session from May 9 - May 15. The Volunteer Application Packet for the Summer Session will be available on this site on May 9.

Teen Court is now on Facebook!   Follow us at Montgomery County Maryland Teen Court for all of the latest Teen Court communications

Name/link to email   Position  Phone Number
Georgine DeBord   SAO Legal Assistant 240-777-7344
Paulette Corbit   SAO Teen Court 240-777-7388


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